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Message Subject Watch as it Develops - The Staged War Against Islamists in Northern Mali
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This lady in an English Human Rights Activist who blogs on Northwest Africa...

Two weeks ago the President of Mauritania was accidentally shot five times...(Mauritania & Mali share long border)...

Three days before he was shot, this blogger posted an update on her Facebook page predicting a "false flag" attack in Mauritania before the visit of the US UnderSecretary of State Maria Otero. Ms. Otero was the highest ranking US Official to visit Mauritania in five years...(Basically the blogger (Anita) gave herself a five day window for this "false flag")

Anyway, the President was "accidentally shot" two days before Ms. Otero's visit (which was cancelled)...So, I'm thinking this blogger knows what she's talking about...(Has a GLP poster calling for a false flag w/I five days ever been correct?)

She believes that the War on Mali is on (of course)...and that the President of Mauritania is deeply involved. She outlines the type of stories we should expect to see in the West drumming up support for this human rights interventions (and you will see those exact stories posted above) and then she gives us this gem....

They are having to rush the planned intervention into Mali....Why? Because under the Islamists, the economy is improving DRAMATICALLY... Refugees are returning... and you can't justify a humanitarian war if those nasty Islamists are actually making life better for the locals...

It explains why the Mail timetable has been pushed up from early 2013 to after the US Presidential elections in 2012...

Here's her blog, she's also on Facebook...

She seems somewhat shambolic, but the pattern is so obvious it is easily discernible to those who are watching...and she is watching...

#Mauritania: Sex, Lies and Videotape [link to lissnup.wordpress.com (secure)]
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