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Message Subject Watch as it Develops - The Staged War Against Islamists in Northern Mali
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Middle East On-line (which is a USG publication) just updated us on who might be supplying at least some of the additional 2,500 troops needed...

West Africa plots expanded military force in north Mali

Talks among West African nations on a strategy to retake Mali's Islamist-held north have included plans for an expanded mission of 5,500 troops, including those from outside the region, a source familiar with the talks said Friday.

Representatives from South Africa, Mauritania, Morocco, Libya, Algeria and Chad would also be invited to participate in a regional summit on the military strategy set for Sunday in the Nigerian capital Abuja, the source said. . .

"They are recommending to the summit 5,500 troops as against the initial proposition of 3,200 by ECOWAS. The difference is expected to be contributed by non-ECOWAS states which have signified interest to contribute troops."

[link to middle-east-online.com]

Mauritania, Algeria & Morocco originally said they were out...
That leaves South Africa, Libya & Chad...

South Africans are mostly Christians...(that caused issues in Somalia)

Libya no longer has an armed forces (they didn't survive the NATO no-move zone imposed upon them)... Which means we are left with Libya Shield Forces.... Those would be the thuggish, but comically incompetent, militias we created in 2011. Geraldo Rivera said they were the most incompetent and dangerous (to themselves) fighting forces he had ever seen. Geraldo may be a joke, but he's been to many war zones - so that was quite a diss...

Anyway, I'm sure the Libyan Shield forces have gotten their act together by now. Along with their recent long-range shelling exercises in Bani Walid, they've been fighting the evil Tebu in Kufra & Sabha, killing hundreds, since March of 2012... You see the Tebu are African tribesmen who have no right to be in Libya. They need to go back home to Chad...

And what's the other country who might contribute forces? Oh that's right Chad...

here's wikipedia article of the Tebu - [link to en.wikipedia.org]
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