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Message Subject Watch as it Develops - The Staged War Against Islamists in Northern Mali
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know that peace deal with Ansar al Sharia...It's not going that well...

One of the three al-Qaida-linked groups currently controlling northern Mali said Wednesday it would not give up its harsh form of Islamic law, appearing to offer little ground in last-ditch talks meant to avert a military intervention to take back the region.

Members of Ansar Dine said they are willing to allow the rest of Mali to be governed by a different set of rules, but spokesman Mohamed Ag Aharib told reporters that asking his group to relinquish Shariah law in the area under their control is like asking them to give up being Muslim....

“We affirm that we want to impose Shariah in our home. We are not saying that we are going to apply it to the rest of the country, but we insist that it be applied where we live,” said Ag Aharib, whose group’s fighters control Kidal and Timbuktu, two of the three largest cities in Mali’s north.

“We want the world to know that Shariah is not just the cutting off of people’s hands. It’s our religion. It’s one of the practices within our religion and if we are asked to renounce Shariah, we might as well be asked to renounce Islam,” he said.

[link to www.washingtonpost.com]
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