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Message Subject Watch as it Develops - The Staged War Against Islamists in Northern Mali
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Fierce fighting between yesterday throughout the day, the rebels of the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) elements of AQIM and Mujao south of Kidal, near the border with Niger. Local sources speak of many deaths in the ranks of terrorists, wounded and prisoners.

....violent fighting between elements of AQIM and Mujao in the region Asango, located more 450 km southeast of Kidal and thirty kilometers from the border with Niger.

According to local sources, the battle began early yesterday morning when a large group of MNLA launched an ambush against a column of terrorists who came to the rescue of their forces who had been captured several days ago. "We decided to clean many areas, starting to do some ambushes in the desert, especially in areas known as crossing points of these groups. We were able to arrest several, at least a dozen that we disarmed. Among them were foreigners, but also Malians.

Early in the morning yesterday, a column of about sixty heavily armed vehicles Toyota Station came to the rescue, but the MNLA waiting. A violent clash ensued. Some were captured, others fled. Other MNLA sources of confirm and clarify that this "operation will not (be the last)." "It will be expanded around Gao and Timbuktu to expel all terrorists Azawad...

We have the support of the population and if the international community to help us, we will hunt all terrorist groups in our region." According to him, "the MNLA has learned. It is better organized and more determined than before. "

About the position of Ansar Eddine in this "war" against terrorists, our sources expressed their "concern"... We hope they prove on the ground what they say. Expect the coming days to see more clearly.

[link to translate.google.com]
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