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Message Subject Watch as it Develops - The Staged War Against Islamists in Northern Mali
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From a military point of view that gas field appears to be a far piece on the map from Mali. These Jihadis would have to travel quite a distance undiscovered to get there. From a military point of view they had no means of re-supply if they had to depend upon Mali either especially since they had no air cover. All this would lead me to the conclusion that more than likely they came from Libya or were depending on re-supply from there at the very least.
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Anything is possible imo, islamists pretty much rule the whole desert in many countries there through various interconnected jihadi groups.
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Rami el-Obeidi - former head of NTC Intelligence (Libya's provisional government) is tweeting that Jihadist may have come from base in Libya & that Belmokhtar has visited Libya at least twice. He tweeted to several reporters that jihadists have been using Libya's MOD (Ministry of Defense) for cover for their training camps & operations in Libya.

He's a civilian now - bit he is very connected in Libya - I trust his tweets...

Here a breaking updates on BBC re: Algerian crisis -

1654: Algerian TV channel TV3 has broadcast footage of weapons purportedly seized from kidnappers at the In Amenas gas plant, including Kalashnikov rifles, machine guns, a pile of ammunition and rocket propelled grenades, BBC Monitoring reports.

1645: Algerian army operations since Thursday have killed 29 militants, including four "emirs", or leaders, the Algerian El Watan news site reports. It names them as Abul Rahman al-Nigeri, Lamine Moucheneb, alias Taher, Abu Albaraa Al-Jazairi and Mauritanian Abdallahi Ould Hmeida. The original group of kidnappers is thought to have been around 30 strong and composed of different nationalities.

Al-Nigeri was previously reported as the head of the operation... (See Longwar journal). He is from Niger. I believe the other two are Algerians, and then, according to BBC, a Mauritanian.

[link to www.bbc.co.uk]
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