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Message Subject Watch as it Develops - The Staged War Against Islamists in Northern Mali
Poster Handle peace.be
Post Content
Niger ambassador to Belgium and EU and wife found dead due to faulty heater.
[link to www.eubusiness.com]

Could be related? 1dunno1
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername

Allegedly, they used barbeque coal inside the bedroom for extra heating.
 Quoting: peace.be

Why would that cause carbon monoxide poisoning? Wouldn't it just smoke the place up?

Actually, carbon monoxide poisoning is pretty common in US due 2 use of propane space heaters... I lost a friend in high school that way.

Niger has been bought off w/ big aid contracts...I can't imagine any of their officials are standing in France's way.

A link to an article about the West's recent largesse is in this thread....somewhere...
 Quoting: DarbyDoom

Well, the explanation is that they were cold and heated it with coals.
They had all windows and doors closed.
Coals doesn't make much smoke when glowing, room fills up with CO...

In that regard, some1 can easily slip in a platter full of coal in the room and leave :p

Police say an investigation will take place cause of the profile of the victims.
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