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Message Subject Watch as it Develops - The Staged War Against Islamists in Northern Mali
Poster Handle DarbyDoom
Post Content
So if the Tuareg got ran out of Mali, where are they now? They surely can't go back to Libya.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8260452

Hiding probably, they can't go back to Libya because they are indigenous population of N.Mali and not from Libya.
 Quoting: insertfunnyusername


The Tuareg live in an area that extends from Western Libya through Southern Algeria, into Western Niger & Northern Mali and includes parts of Burkina Faso.

The specific Tuareg tribes that were involved in the Malian uprising (Ifoghas & Imghad) live in Northern Mali and Western Algeria (centered around towns of Tessalit & Kidal).

In Libya, Tuareg lived around Ghat, Ghadames, and Aw Bari. There was an annual festival in Ghadames which celebrated Tuareg culture.

Here's a pic from 2007 of Tuareg girls attending the festival in Ghadames -
[link to www.flickr.com]

Note - Gaddafi imported a large number of Tuareg from Mali & Niger to fight in his Islamic Corps. but there were/are indigenous Libyan Tuareg. Things are great for them. Today, Ghadames is under siege, surrounded by militia men from Zintan. There are recent Libya Herald articles on the siege.
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