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Message Subject UFO's Downtown Dallas, Texas
Poster Handle Smashy76
Post Content
Gotta call bullshit on both vids.

The Dallas vid had all of the objects moving in the same direction, same speed, no independent movement. Reflectiveness? Mylar baloons.

The Mansfield vid was a reflection of vehicular headlights on a window. You can tell by the way the lights were intermittant and that they were always in front of the clouds. they only moved back and forth much like the reflection of headlights (as would be seen at dusk anywhere in the world where the road had a curve in it). Nice illusion.

Sorry, but to call these real ufos would be an insult.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18417650

They aren't in front of the much closer light pole, so I'm pretty sure they aren't reflections or lens flare.
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