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Message Subject UFO Sightings Spike To An All Time High In The Last 48 Hours! THEY'RE HERE!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Just confirmed by my online contacts, ET First Contact will happen anytime between NOW and November 21 2012. Prepare yourselves!!! Everything our governments and our institutions told us were all lies. We are now going to be fully returned to Galactic Society status after being isolated here for 12,000 years!!!!! 5a5a
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

Obvious RPer is now obvious...

For clarity sake, for those unaware, Solar Guardian can not be taken seriously. They continue to ignore legitimate questions and simply 'forget' that the previous 10,000 specific dates given by Hagel and Vagel have been FALSE.

At best, Solar Guardian is guilty of spreading misinformation while believing it to be true.

At worst, SG is knowingly spreading disinfo and grinning ear to ear while doing it.

Suffice it to say, his ET contacts have NO CREDIBILITY at all on here anymore. We gave him one last chance here;
Thread: Hagel and Valugua: Our 1 Mile Long Ships will appear in your skies above major cities by October 11-13 2012

I've asked in his other threads since then but they refuse to respond.
Solar, did you get brand new ET contacts or are you still wanting us to trust the ones that have always been wrong???
I mean, you don't even make excuses when your... sorry, they're predictions fail. You just move right on to the next one. So which is it bud, you just RPing here or what?

Seriously, there is so much going on right now that your constant distracting from the real deal is starting to become 'shillery'
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