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Message Subject We don't need Aliens to save us, We NEEd humans with BALLs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ets's could join us in the fight we obviously don't have enough people with balls......a whole lot of talk and none who walk.
 Quoting: Cray 15128480

we will see who has balls when the abomination of desolation forthcoming takes his throne to Jerusalem and sets it where he ought not be

in the holy place

won't be long now

until the Elect are delivered up before the synegogue of satan in that place, to deliver the testimony of the Lord to the blasphemers who will be gathered there to celebrate what they've been led to believe is the "wedding feast"

all those who've already fallen prey to their wiles and are expecting to ascend on Dec. 21, 2012 (and there are plenty mind you, who've already been suckered in full thereto via the years of channelings of these "aliens" disguised as the Light)

know this

if you wish to see someone actually "ascend" pay attention to the bodies of the witnesses when they are left to lay in the open streets thereof for three and a half days after satan overtakes them in the "open place" and kills them

as the deceived celebrate and give one another gifts due to their jubilation at the death of these of Gods Elect, the predestined ones from the first earth Age

then you can witness an actual resurrection just prior to the return of the true Christ

sword in hand to lay waste to the infidels of the false one


they've been warned repeatedly

over and over and over again

in myriad ways

they've made their bed, and they will lie in it

throughout the full measure of the Millennium Age

note to the deluded:

how in hell can Christ return like a thief in the night

(when least expected)

if these interlopers who proclaim themselves to BE HIM or His emissaries

have been advising of their imminent return on a daily basis?

quite simple, in truth

He simply arrives when they believe He is already here, among them

; )
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