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Message Subject Using a frequency generator to heal
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
quakko 5000 sounds like quacko 5000 , bad name choice but not saying it don't work
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25616504

Trust me. It is a very cheap china knock off. But such a small device can do so much.

If I told you on the street there was a device that cost $250. Can help with back and neck pain, depression, sinus, and many more... With no drugs. Only takes a few seconds to work. It is not painful. Last a lifetime. Good for the whole family.

The name does not matter. You don't even need one with a very high frequency range. The truth is, there seems to be lots of research on this topic. Lots of "quack medical" devices. Turns out there may be something to it. And if there is something to it, why don't we research and use it more?

Wait... Is this one of those money loops?

We knew so much 100 years ago. Our progress on the electromagnetic front disappointing to say the least.

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