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Message Subject Using a frequency generator to heal
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My convoluted tubules had become entangled in my bowman's capsules which isn't nice at all.
I used the frequency generator at 642Hz for 15 seconds and POWEE! I was cured.
I've also grown all of my hair back (I went bald in my 20's) and my john thomas is twice the size it used to be.
All of a sudden I'm a cordon bleu cook, karate master and I'm starring in a movie next year as the new Batman. I've had to turn down taking Seb Vettel's place though in the F1 next season due to the fact I will be taking my astronaut training just after my wedding to Adriana Lima. In Bali.

These frequency generators really change your life. There everything the testimonials say and much, much more!!!
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