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Extraterrestrial UFOs use Tunable (EM) Waves to Traverse Wormholes

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 64458
United States
01/21/2006 09:41 PM
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Extraterrestrial UFOs use Tunable (EM) Waves to Traverse Wormholes
[link to www.indiadaily.com]
(English is not first language)
It is a big mystery for the physicists to find the way advanced extraterrestrial UFOs traverse wormholes. The normal propagation and navigation model fails miserably using terrestrial technologies. But some lights at the end of the tunnel is finally manifesting itself. Scientists finally realize that these very advanced extraterrestrial UFOs cross the wormholes using tunable electromagnetic (EM) waves.

Electromagnetic (EM) stop bands can be formed by multiple Bragg reflections in structure where the refractive index or the wave impedance varies periodically in space. By breaking its periodicity locally, EM waves with frequencies in EM stop bands are allowed to propagate through the structure. There also exist another group of EM stop bands of which formation has nothing to do with the periodicity of media. A representative example is the stop band for circularly polarized EM waves propagating parallel to the external magnetic field in magnetized plasma. The insertion of a dielectric layer into the plasma slab can cause the resonance transmission of circularly polarized EM waves. The resonance transmission can be easily tunable by an external magnetic field. The frequency and quality factor of the resonance mode for the right-handed (left-handed) circularly polarized wave increase (decrease) as the magnitude of the external magnetic field increases.

Advanced extraterrestrial UFOs cross wormholes with escape velocities slightly above the speed of light. The speed above light is required only for a moment. The wormholes consist of a blackhole-whitehole combination connecting our physical universe to another universe such as the Hyperspace.