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Message Subject The nobody army
Poster Handle Horus
Post Content
Imagine the right physical vessel

It can handle psychic and Conceptual ideas beyond the norm

Imagine the hidden darkness that seeks controll

Imagine the machines

Imagine. Clones

Imagine borgs

An army of slaves

An army of nobody

We will fight you in the name of light so that the above will never happen
 Quoting: Worried 1521852

sounds like modern society:
the machines, obsoleting humans.
the army of look alike white collars.
conformed borgs, living in suburbs.
labor living on crumbs, slaves of debt.
the armies of nameless social workers.
imagining reality:
a lie.

truth is mirrored, reverse;
convoluted twisting deception.
psychic perception inverse
in a broken "right" conception.

nobody is imagining
the pain inflicted
for gain encrypted
in social dismantling.
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