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Where Is Call For Jihad Against Chris Matthews Sharia Slander?

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10/23/2012 11:22 AM
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Where Is Call For Jihad Against Chris Matthews Sharia Slander?
Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, spoke out vigorously against any "slander" of the man Mr Obama invariably refers to as "The Prophet" Mohammed.

We have been lectured by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that any speech offensive to Muslims will not be tolerated and that First Amendment notions must give way to the sensitivities and political correctness of multiculturalism.

Where are the cries from the White House against the "Islamophobia" of Chris Matthews?

Where is Congressman Keith Ellison? Congressman Ellison refused to swear his oath of office on a Bible and did so on a Koran. Is Mr Ellison outraged by the offensive manner in which liberals refer to the law of his Koran?

In nationally broadcast remarks Democratic commentator Matthews disparaged the Romney/Ryan position (and that of the Roman Catholic Church/Evangelical Christians) as "sharia.

This was intended as an insult.

The Left is denigrating Islam and Islamic law- are they not?

The Left argues that being Pro Life is absurd and "intolerant" and in that context refersto those who oppose abortion and Planned Parenthood as engaging in "Sharia"

This is not a rare instance. Michael Brown reports

"In comments made before the presidential debate this past Tuesday, Chris Matthews claimed that Gov. Romney’s position on abortion was “almost like Sharia,” stating, “You’re saying to the country, we’re going to operate under a religious theory, under a religious belief.” In doing so, Matthews repeated the common leftwing libel that conservative moral principles with a basis in religious beliefs are equivalent to radical Islam.
In May, Rev. Billy Graham took out full page ads in North Carolina newspapers stating in part, “The Bible is clear — God’s definition of marriage is between a man and a woman. I want to urge my fellow North Carolinians to vote FOR the marriage amendment.”
Gay activist Wayne Besen responded by asking, “Do we now make our civil laws based upon Christian Sharia?”

So anyone who fails to heartily endorse the radical homosexuals is a Taliban?

".. if you argue that a baby in the womb, upon conception, is entitled to personhood status, you are espousing a position “almost like Sharia,” which Matthews sums up by exclaiming, “This is extremism!” Indeed, for Matthews, in the early stages of pregnancy, we are certainly not dealing with a baby in the womb, let alone “a fetus,” but “rather an egg that had just been fertilized, right after sex, if you will.”
So, the high regard for life and the protection of the innocent that fuels the Republican platform on abortion is nothing more than Sharia-like extremism.."

Please note Chris Matthews and the homosexuals use "sharia" as indicia of something palpably awful.

Where are the cries of outrage from Obama?

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