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Message Subject APPLE ANNOUNCES NEXT GENERATION IPAD 4 / IPAD Mini / iMac / Macbook / Mac Mini ...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I wanted to throw this in there to show you how image and media can sway public opinion.

A lot of people hate wal-mart because they see them as anti-competitive with the way they try to get low parts costs from their suppliers and the like as well as paying their employees low wages

However apple is even more guilty of this, they are extraordinarily good at keeping component costs as low as possible and have among the largest profit margins of any tech company because people still in large seem them as 'good' and are willing to overpay for image, along with the fact that all their parts are sourced from China.

Also, I don't know if you've every read stories about how employees are treated at their apple stores, but I'd look that up too... low pay, they go in as eager fanboys of apple and eventually just quit because of working conditions... they make no more than wal-mart pays

[link to www.nytimes.com]

The products may work well but there are competing products that work just as well for less money... Apple is basically Wal-Mart yet they have vastly different public perception. Now when I point this out to people they'll rant and get mad, people can't handle the truth. I'll probably get more negative karma for rocking the societal norm's viewpoints... so bet it. ;)

Buying a 16GB Nexus 7 tablet Monday. Very functional device selling for not much above google's production cost.
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