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Message Subject Who is Kaoru Nakamaru? She predicts 3 days of darkness starting from December 22 to 25th of December 2012.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
Post a YouTube video please. I don't visit strange websites I've never heard of (great way to get malware).

There are a lot of people saying that we are gonna have massive contact by the end of december. However, let me start with Princess Kaoru's videos....

Here is her 1996 youtube clip about shadow governments.

Here is here 2012 youtube clip about 3 days of darkness.

Here is another person saying the same thing about what is to come in 2012. I dont know, some people call those who contact them aliens, pleaidians etc. You decide. This guy died shortly after this video

And another person again talking about 2012

These are a list of people saying things about 2012 which sound similar but described in different forms.
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