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Message Subject Who is Kaoru Nakamaru? She predicts 3 days of darkness starting from December 22 to 25th of December 2012.
Poster Handle odinson222
Post Content
Hello All

One day, I prayed to the Lord to show me what would come first. He showed me a darkness coming and then demon spirits coming from the sky that would manifest as solid demons on the ground and they would be able to take over people and animals. They would I believe get naked and act like that cannibal in florida. That was part of another vision.

I was not at my house when this happens. I was staying someplace else with my wife probably on a trip. I was told through another vision to not go to my in-laws that are in NY if TSHTF.

Guess what? We are travelling there to them on the 20th of December for the holidays. I am taking some weopons and such with me just in case.

God Bless
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