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Message Subject My neighbor is Stanton Friedman and tonight he is giving a talk at a local University and promises to blow the doors wide open on UFOs
Poster Handle Red Hot Chilean Pepe
Post Content
Hi OP:

Your post is indeed interesting. As a Chilean follower of all things UFO, I certainly will be waiting for your news. It is possible for you to get some pictures?

Do you have any links to those local media where you say that Dr. Friedman has made those interesting statements?

Sorry for the interrogatory, it's just that this is too interesting.

 Quoting: Red Hot Chilean Pepe

The only link I have is a hard copy of the local Newspaper. They have an online edition but it costs money and I refuse to pay it.

Here is his quote from page A9 of Wednesday October 24th Edition of the Telegraph Journal:

Story Headline:

Leading UFO expert plans to silence 'noisy negative'

The ultimate authority on flying saucers says he will speak candidly on a classified abduction case, show pictures of alien landings, and break down objections of all non-believers.


"In Fredericton, I will address the arguments made by what I call the 'nasty, noisy, negative' and demolish them."

That is the best I can do because only local news has picked it up and I ain't paying for access to their 99.5% shit product.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 21696004

wow, thanks a lot! Indeed interesting!!! Will be around for hearing what you see there. Regards pal!!!
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