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Humanoid Alien Carcass Being Forensically Studied By Dr. Gree

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19317862
United States
10/24/2012 07:53 PM
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Humanoid Alien Carcass Being Forensically Studied By Dr. Gree
The carcass of what superficially appears to be an alien has been examined by Dr. Steven Greer (an emergency room doctor) and his colleague (also an M.D.) in surgical conditions, using CT scans and X-ray. Tissue samples are being studied by a leading geneticist for DNA analysis. The results point to this entity not being of Earth origin.

Very Interesting It only adds excitement to me for the fact that Dr. Steven Greer is involved.
He is the founder of 'The Disclosure Project' which main purpose (if you didn't already know) is to release all top secret information about extraterrestrials and their involvement in our lives.

There are no pictures yet, but if Dr. Greer is in fact involved in this matter, we should expect something
[link to pesn.com]

do not know what to think of probably fake but can never give your hopes up smh!