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Message Subject Donald Trump annoucement?? It was a cover up because he was FIRED from managing HIS OWN COMPANY!!
Poster Handle Children of the Atom
Post Content
Doesn't change the idea that ALL presidential candidates should have FULL disclosure of college records, passports, marriage/divorce and taxes. SIMPLE. (this means YOU Obama and Romney)

IF not...they are no better than liars, cheaters and thieves and you are supporting lies, cheating, stealing and private deals by letting them get away with it.

We as AMERICANS have to have our background checked, from credit to criminal history at minimum wage jobs now and have to fill-out DEPARTMENT of HOMELAND SECURITY paperwork to work at call centers and Burger King. How exactly is it OK for them to do this to us and NOT disclose everything on their end?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 24960373

You may have to fall down a rabbit hole Alice, but the answer is out there.

And to be specific, what is not disclosed is a breach of contract.

Now go, find the truth!
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