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Spunout, just had a Revelation/Vision!

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User ID: 25980160
10/25/2012 05:26 AM
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Spunout, just had a Revelation/Vision!
Okay im probably gonna look like a crack pot on here and loose half of my credibility when i say this, But i can live with that, so here it is.

I just had a fairly long vision about whats going on in this world. Mostly the vision was directed at me and my personal development (and i wont get into that), but their was a side message to it as well.

To be honest it basically identical to the HOPI Indian prophecy of the two paths.

Their will be two paths for people to take on this planet. People are going to/need to snap out of their slumber and a change will happen on earth, for the good.

I didn't get the full scope of the negative side to it, but their will be some negative aspect, seemed as if the severity depended on the individual.

In the end it was basically like a light switching off and everything goes dark, but this did not happen to those who took the right path. (Or it did but the it was manageable.)

The timing was measured on when i will complete a project im working on and i believe i will finish sometime around Christmas... coincidence?

Like i said this was sort of a side note thrown into a vision directed at me, but i felt obliged to write this.

I have not been convinced on all this 2012 ascension crap either. And to be honest, if i was reading this from another person, i would think "crack pot ascension tard" and click back to forum.

So do as you will with the information, im just a messenger. :)

Spiritual Guidance, Spirit Guide communication, Shamanism & Kundalini.

User ID: 26209727
South Africa
10/25/2012 05:28 AM
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Re: Spunout, just had a Revelation/Vision!
Welcome to the *light* sun
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery - Bob Marley