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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle ModernDayMystic
Post Content
OP, I love threads like this. How are you this evening? Seems like you are well. :)

I would be grateful if you could tell me what you see. Anything at all. I try to be open to the flow but sometimes I feel that I am holding myself back.

Your thoughts?
 Quoting: trustmeonthisone

My thoughts are your thoughts because we are all one and the same. You don't have to try to be open just BE open.

Experiment time. Close your eyes and get relaxed and connect with me.

Then tell me about your experience.

Btw. I'm doing fine this evening :)
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

Glad to hear it! Thank you for recommending that little experiment... I forgot how lovely my heartbeat feels. I hope you felt the same waves of love and gratitude that I did. I will continue.
 Quoting: trustmeonthisone

Please do my friend.
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