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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle ANHEDONIC
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MDM.....is the future predestined?

The biblical prophets wrote of the end times. Were they able to do that because they could see into the future and does that make a case for predestination?

 Quoting: Cosmic Traveler

Hey Cosmic... Ancient cultures believed 'time' to be cyclical because they understood that the movement of the solar system was cyclical and that our location or position within the galaxy has a profound effect on our Earth as well as the collective human consciousness. This is why such a great importance was placed on tracking the celestial bodies and our movement through the constellations - this is why they erected structures to pinpoint astrological alignments. Many of the prophecies from ancient cultures and religious prophecies from around the world tell the same story of past & expected 'events'. I don't believe they were necessarily reading into the 'future' but tapping into the a greater understanding and awareness of the cosmic mechanisms of the Universe. The 'ages' that mankind has experienced in the past will reoccur and repeat themselves and that is why we are destined to experience another 'Golden Age' here on Earth.

Just my understanding, hope that adds some perspective. : )
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