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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle RegurgitatedDisinformation
Post Content
Hello OP.
Loving this thread, it even made me create an account here just to be part of it.

Id like some words from you, really need some insight in my life right now...

Thank you for your time, and for the help you give to us.
 Quoting: RegurgitatedDisinformation

Well I'm happy I can make you smile a bit in the darkness that permeates your life ATM. It's feeding off of you from your back left shoulder making you a tiny bit weaker each day. You hope and pray to your god which you put so much faith in but nothing changes only gets worse.

Remember my friend that we are all made from the same stuff and we are all from oneness.

Know that you need not fear the parasite attached to you
Know that light is ALWAYS hirer vibration than the darkness.
Know that you are loved by all the universe
Know that you can send that dirty leach motherfucker back from where it came

Connect with me in the ethers and let the energy send it home.
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

I don't pray to any gods, I even sympathize with LaVeyan satanism (in some points).

What do you mean by the parasite attached to me?

How can I connect to you? I'm not very lucky with meditations, I rarely get any effect from it, and never a vivid visualization...

Edit: Ok just by relaxing and somehow trying to make a connection with you gave me some effects, eyes started shaking progressively and there was a buzz in my 'Agna' chakra, I feel a bit more peace now, just not sure.
Btw, how is state of my chakras?
 Quoting: RegurgitatedDisinformation

You have an energetic worm attached to your left shoulder.

Chakras are a bit rusty.... especially your crown. Try it agian.
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

Holy fuck...
Let me tell you, that one of the most awesome experiences I've had... I'm still shaking...
I feel peace, but my sister knocked on my door several times while I was in the process ,didnt pay attention to her.
While we were connected I just knew I shouldnt stop, she got worried and opened the door with a key and it ended...
But sure that was cool as f...

I just have no words... my life is going to be so different from now on... thank you.
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