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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle primus889
Post Content
I've got a few things to ask about

1. I'm in a situation where I'm about to be thrust out into.. something. I stay at home with my mom still and I've told her I'll be out by the summer. This is my intention. I'm trying as best as I can to keep my mind away from the decision and flow into it. I've always searched for something to do in this physical experience.. to no avail. Had tons of business ideas, worked some jobs etc etc.. but nothing seems to stick. Earlier plans that didn't come through kinda deterred me from trying things again. Whenever I think about what I "want" to do.. I really don't care. I want to flow into whatever is right for me. I suppose I'm looking for something more permanent to sustain me.. but moreso something more permanent in that it sustains me and I love to do it. I've never and will never stick with something I don't love. Want to know anything pertaining to this subject.. will it be clear what I'm to do? Is there something I should be exploring now but energy is kinda blocked? etc etc.

2. How is my energy in general? I don't think I've asked this. The things I feel

- Right side of my body is higher than the left side of my body
- I feel another body outside of my body.. example is when I'm laying down sometimes I feel a breath that is not my physical breath
- Blockages or something.. one very near heart kinda in the upper left and one on the left side of my head

3. Can you read this?

My intention on the 3rd one was to put a certain energy within it and see if you could get it lol.. My curiosity about energy =]

Thank you friend
 Quoting: primus889

Sit down and quiet your mind.... Think about what you love to do and what would make you happiest and report back.
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

What initially came to me is music/singing/dancing. I recognize though.. that I only love these things during certain moments. That is most things for me. I enjoy discovering/understanding things from fundamental to larger perspectives. But once I understand it I have no interest in participating in it any further.

The one thing I can think of that I seem to have an infinite well of energy for is discussing real/truth topics.. metaphysics, energy, meditation, self discovery etc etc. I love real talks with people. Real connections. Helping people to see themselves.. though I haven't done much of it. Mostly my own self discovery thus far. When I have discussion in these areas words flow from me with no effort. It feels like I could go on forever. Yea.. I absolutely love real talks/connections.
 Quoting: primus889

Ok cool now think about how to apply what you love into a job/career that can sustain you.
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

Lol! I suppose I was looking for some kinda magic pill while already knowing the answer. Just gotta get it poppin already...

Thanks for helping me to clarify this. I have a clear vision now. Time to see what can be done =]
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