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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle ModernDayMystic
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Its starting to activate a bit. Have you notice a very very sweet distinctive taste or drip in the back of your throat?
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

Glad to hear that. No I didn't notice it but now when you mentioned it I'm not sure it might be there,anything else?

Off the topic, I just woke up,I had a tough day didn't eat anything,went to bathroom for a dump 15 times in the last 15 hours,stomach.hurted whole night,I belive my body is getting rid of all the junk I ate those days..
After a lot of time this is my firstday of not smoking weed,I want to stop so my vivid dreams come back..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31628020

Just stay the course and let see what happens.... again this is uncharted territory for both of us :)
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

I expected answer like that. I will just keep doing what I am doing. By what you say I'm doing fine and moving forward,I feel that way too. I will report back in a few days of course :)
Man I love you and thank you for your support and help,I feel so happy and encouraged having you on my side,ready to assist and guide at all times :)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31629982

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