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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle ModernDayMystic
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You have a higher form of ADHD.... common for people that have and are waking up. The mind starts playing in other areas and its hard to keep focus.

Take Valerian Root for a couple of days and see if that helps. Its an inexpensive way to calm the mind. Its fairly cheap and any health food store store will have it.
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

Ok, I'll try that. Would you recommend I just stay focused when I'm trying to do these things? I can focus longer than I do.. I just don't because of the stress it causes. Seems easier to just flow with what comes.. but maybe not as beneficial?
 Quoting: primus889

There should be zero stress when working with energy. If there is stress than something is wrong way wrong.

Try it again and let me know where your mind wonders too.
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

Alright.. I believe I can explain what is going on. Remember I described to you how I get pulled to all these different places/scenarios? Well.. I am constantly.. I mean literally 24/7 being pulled to these experiences. The stress I was referring to.. maybe stress was the wrong word. I don't stress. But if I don't focus on releasing my resistance to wherever I'm being pulled then a lot of tension builds in my energy/physical body. That is what makes it difficult to focus on anything else. I can focus on something else.. but at the expense of a ton of tension.

The tension has different stopping points at different times.. sometimes back of head.. sometimes chest.. sometimes lower right abdomen.. sometimes right shoulder. Usually if I focus and release resistance the energy goes somewhere. I feel the energy in my body begin to flow. Inevitably when I come back to my normal physical state the pulling builds tension again until I relax, recognize the tension is there, and begin to focus on it again.

This is exactly the same as the experiences I've had in the other realm.. where I am very present and mostly in control. The difference is I'm never able to transition over to fully perceive what's going on during the waking state. Only during my sleeping hours and when I first wake up have I been able to do that.

During the waking state I can perceive it by feelings/vibrations and visuals. The visuals can be any number of things. A lot of times I see them through what feels like another set of eyes when I close my eyes. I get the sense of movement sometimes. There are times that immediately when i close my eyes I can feel and see a very fast movement. Just like when I get pulled and I'm transitioned. I see images that are frightful sometimes. I see images that are very complex geometry sometimes. I never see them in their fullness because the vision that I'm seeing is veiled by darkness. Like I'm wearing some 90% vision blocking blindfold. There have been a few times where my vision has pierced through so to speak and I transition into what has the feel of a dream. I've yet to be able to experience that for more than a few seconds.

If I relax and don't focus my energy such as when I'm trying to go to sleep at night. A ton of random crap comes up. Voices that make no sense at all saying completely irrelevant things. Images that at times are relevant and other times make no sense at all. But usually the voices. The things that I hear literally make 0 sense to me. They are words and sentences.. but completely irrelevant to whats going on. Don't know what energy causes the random chatter.

I know that about 5% of the time during this random chatter another voice will come in. It comes through complete silence and will say my name or something that is actually relevant. It usually shocks me lol and I get knocked from the silence the few times I get there.

Not sure if this will help at all. This morning I transitioned into the other realm. The smoothest transition I've ever had. So fluid that at first I thought my normal physical body was levitating. It started with a vibration/noise that was very loud on the right side of my brain/head. Usually noises startle the hell out of me.. it did initially but I didn't allow myself to be rattle. Stayed calm and present. Lifted from my body moved a bit.. my eyes opened as if I had been sleeping over there and off I go being pulled somewhere. My alarm went off before I was able to see where I was going. When I woke up I felt the energy at the top of my head releasing to wherever it was going. Did what I could with my lack of perception to try and let the process complete.. felt like I did. Had to get up and get ready for work.

I really appreciate your assistance. It has always left something to be desired.. working with all these things and not really knowing the specifics of what's going on. It's very helpful and reassuring to hear what you have to say. Thank you very much
 Quoting: primus889

Your are reaching the higher octaves but you need to slow down a bit. Your physical body is not ready for it.

Most of your experiences to day have been mental but soon the more physical ones will start enforce and you need to be ready.
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