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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle ModernDayMystic
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Hello MDM. I had another experience during my sleeping hours last night. There was a strong breath into the right side of my head/shoulder. It was pretty awesome though I was kinda like what the hell is going on at first lol. After a minute of the breath I was told to "expand my energetic field". First time ever words have made sense.. and I could actually talk back! But it didn't last long.

Was wondering what was meant by expand my energetic field or if I did it.
 Quoting: primus889

Its seems that they wanted you to expand your higher self.... or to use it for the first time.

These experiences are going to expand greatly for you in the physical so if you clarity in any of it just ask.
 Quoting: ModernDayMystic

Awesome. I've really been focusing on connecting with my higher self recently. Working on getting my mind to a natural stillness and body in a better condition. I feel like if my mind reached that natural still state my ability to do a lot of things would increase dramatically. What is your take on higher self?
 Quoting: primus889

Higher self is the part of us that remebers where we came from. It helps us evolve as humans and hopefully be better people.
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