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Message Subject ModernDayMystic
Poster Handle A Friend
Post Content
Hey MDM- I'm new to posting on this site. The first time I posted was actually when this thread was relatively new... I've tried to find where you replied, but I couldn't even find my original post. I was very curious to see what you had to say. Maybe someone might be able to help this newb out and tell me how to find my original posting?? Or perhaps MDM, you would be so kind as to entertain me again. Peace...toungetoungebafflejavascript:doSmilie(':baffle:');
 Quoting: dcat6882

all you have to do here is use two colons : : on the outside of the smile you want to use unless it is one already down below the post in that case you just click on it... hope that helps...
 Quoting: A Friend

Thanks A Friend...smile_hear
 Quoting: dcat6882

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