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10/25/2012 04:07 PM
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Hi GLP while I was surfing the web I came accross a Blog Post that is truly one of the most "Out There" Theories about our history and what the TPTB have been doing to alter our DNA and change the timelines! I thought I had read it all untill I heard this persons "Info". It is a bit long and and can be confusing at parts because it talkes about ANCIENT SECRET CODES & PI MATHEMATICS. Strange thing is what this girl stated made sense to me!

I have been researching since 2008 and NEVER heard this so I wanted some feedback or any other conformation that what she may be saying really is true and is or has happened! There is ALOT of good info and even if it's B.S. I would still buy this marerial to read for entertainment purposes (if she was an author) because IMO it sounds GENIUS! ! LOL Thanks In Advance!

Writtren by: Wendy Moir on July 4, 2012 at 12:37 am

What is the New World Order exactly allowing us to question how this is related to End of Time 2012 and the alien attack currently occurring on Earth that was previously documented by the Ancients.

Does this simply state that a new world order would emerge after 2012 because of what happened as an old prophecy on Earth in ancient times regarding an alien attack, and is the new worlds order a natural one?
Or is this New World Order the American Government?
We can observe through many articles written by thorough study of the End of Time information of the ancients that a great fear is involved in an emerging New World Order under a governing body called the Illuminated or the Skull and Bones Society. They are linked to many presidents in America along with some candidates and also wealthy social members. Is this the New World Order prophesised to End Time 2012, and if so how could that occur? From the Ancient artefacts it is obvious they have discussed this spirit term represented as SKULLS themselves.
If End of Time 2012 is enacted, then obviously a New World Order would emerge as some form of natural event, and this would not be the one prophesised that ended time…..hence who could end time, who ends their own order and what then becomes the natural order or higher consciousness?
Why would we say that the American Government is not this consciousness as they thought was prophecized for understanding the ALIEN?
Naturally, by the secrecy they have used in their occult science, and the CIA as an organization who have been involved in a secret occult world study and abuse of humanity.
It is obvious to many that if you break Natural Law, then time ends.
If you end time, then so does the Order End that created the values to end time.
The New World Order after 2012 would therefore only factor to be the higher consciousness itself, because America’s New World Order is self-deceptive and believed that Lucifer was the Creator of Life and not God the Light.
Spiritually gifted individuals from ancient times determined that the higher consciousness is our spiritual-self, therefore who and what we call God or the spirit consciousness as Light.
Therefore if Time Ends 2012 and a new world consciousness emerges it would only be because Natural Law was broken and the God consciousness as the Light self would have to re-create time values, therefore placing his own higher self into a new creation. What would natural law represent?

Obviously its energy cell, what is held inside its own cell that has been released as an attack on its own body…..that is the ALIEN and the UFO itself.
Understanding WHAT THE UFO is, is the key to understanding what the American Government has caused on Earth as THOSE WHO CONTACTED ALIENS.

By placing his own spirit into the Song of Creation (as God the Light) would raise its consciousness, only because Natural Law had to be replaced with a higher harmonic function to maintain its continuance. This would be because those following Lucifer altered his own creative act. Who could possibly achieve this? Only Science itself.
Why is it a Song of Creation?
This is because the Ancients who wrote and documented all holy values for religious icons recorded the values in storylines that depicted spirit consciousness was created from harmonics or light wavelengths. Light as our Creator naturally stays where it is, and only the loss of a SONG, or a harmonic body was what was lost from light. LIGHT ITSELF was not turned into Lucifer as Science tries to explain creation. If this were the case then there would be no higher body to sing harmonically into the changing wavelengths for continuance or continuity of energy as a cell or energy itself is naturally consumed throughout time. As everything was created in an instant then that instant cannot be repeated later because what is lost afterwards as consumed cannot be replaced. In other words it can only happen once because everything changes after the event as a continuance of that event. The changing body therefore has to be healed and only a higher source than the energy wavelength or light wavelength singing into that cell could achieve that.

Therefore what IS RELEASED from the wavelength are life CELLS and these CELLS are the UFO phenomena.
What happened in our past to cause this same result?
The light harmonics healed as an energy cell were attacked and used in a deceitful way in our ancient past, by a group on Earth who were known to be the creators of a timed event itself. It is why this timed event is called a prophecy, because it is a predictable created wavelength, whereas true creation is non predictable because it is a self based controlled outcome only on renewal of energy consumption itself. Wavelengths as a number value, and also a time value can only be predictable if a human being caused it…..only because they gave time a numbered equation as a wavelength that they destroyed which defines why the bible story is written about a human act. So these values were created by human beings, not by why we were taught as given values by the higher consciousness we call our Father or God. Why?
It is to prove that they were written in a way of deceit to hide their scientific study within their own teachings of the spirit science they had created on Earth. It was not the origin spiritual teachings of our truth.
This is the reason WHY the Ancients speak about ALIENS ALSO.
To understand what this means regarding End of Time is to realize that a group of human beings invented a theory based on Numbers that supposedly gave them the theory to how God or our higher light consciousness created all things. This began religious instruction and religious instruction began the social standards for denoting orders and hierarchy that no longer allowed freedom of self-expression or true spiritual awareness. We became indoctrinated by these teachings and believed that time could be counted and factored for the use and benefit of an energy or spirit power. This is the deceit taught from the biblical readings, and I am not discussing natural spirit awareness regards being a kind, caring and loving individual.
Now this is why the argument about how End of Time began (loss of the Sun as a colder body), because it was based on predictive Number relays or wavelengths said to be countable from a beginning function to a timed value of receiving these wavelengths in the future 2012 as the higher consciousness itself returning from after the catastrophe that they created

It is obvious if you think about the biblical statement that in the beginning Heaven already existed because this is where God is as Creator and our space light and the Earth was created a long time after Heaven lost a song. Therefore it proves that it is a false taught statement regarding God’s true creation, simply by looking at what it is actually saying. Heaven has always existed as a light body and God is simply in that Heaven.
44 are the letter values given in this first statement and 1,000 the Christ given value as the Healer who returns because of this predictive statement.
Therefore it was only a LETTER PREDICTION for SUN TIME itself as 144,000 or the count of the SUN’S OWN WAVELENGTHS……..NOT CREATION TIME as some have thought. This study does not discuss how our Heavenly Father created the space cell, it is only discussing the Sun itself. It is discussing when the Sun plasma field changed, some of its cells burnt out and the Sun became hotter. It discusses that the earth was without form and void because the Sun had just burnt its life force, stripping it of its origin form. It was dark because the plasma cell around our Earth had been burnt out making the magnetosphere dark and hot. The spirit of God, re-creating the magnetosphere body began to appear and altered it back into a light cell, how it altered it from its dark burnt out cell back into the cell we see today.
Therefore as religious documents detail, they established via their astronomical calculations that they had quantified Sun Time as 144,000 or 12 faces in time x 12,000 factors. It is why these Numbers are quoted in the Bible as the main religious quotations for varying spiritual teachings about our light consciousness, and how that light consciousness fell as a light song or sound into a heated song cell beginning a count from its beginning as the abomination to the end of that abomination in the Year 2012.

SPIRIT ABOMINATION is therefore ALIEN for it alters the naturally encoded DNA CELLS in harmonics of the Earth and the earth spirit body changes.
So this identifies for us that this Sun Time was given an End of Time value for 2012, ending the 144,000 function of the Sun from a heated beginning to a cold end. A cold end would naturally equate that the heated timed event that burnt the first World of Earth as the first Earth people would end in 2012 and a cold plasma cell would finally heal Earth. This is because we know Earth underwent an ancient Sun catastrophe that burnt its body via where the coal bed is situated aligned to the Moons creation in that loss of the magnetosphere around the Mars body. Mars was attacked and lost its own stone cell, as the magnetosphere being that plasma cell was lost around Mars causing it to lose its stone face as it ripped away from the Mars body. Earth was therefore in a different Sun equation as First Time or First Earth as a colder Sun or higher plasma cell and we were returning in 2012 to that plasma or magnetosphere cell.
How could 2012 as a Satanic event be predictable involving a human order of representatives actually causing this factor to occur again as a Satanic outcome rather than a Christ outcome as an Anti-Christ event?
It could only become apparent because the individuals who believed in these Thoth or Luciferian calculations (Scientists born from the ancient Alchemist’s who wrote this) used these calculations and actually caused it to occur as a sequel to the origin act.
Obviously by using these documents and their numbers as a theory of creation, they have actualized or materialized the event itself. It is how it became an actualization of a prediction because it was chosen by Scientists to follow.
If the holy documents and their discussion about Numbers and Sun Time were not used as an occult science and ignored, as the spiritual awareness of others had asked that no Science exploration be undertaken regarding these wavelengths, then no prophetic outcome could have occurred on Earth as a Satanic Act as an actual End of Time incident. It is only because these documents were used that they have materialized the actual event itself.
It was because Scientists updated the theory of the Bible and its coded messages to use their own names in a new theory regarding Letters and Number Values as secret PHI wavelength values.
As an occult Science they factored themselves into the Bible Code as a new updated version that they presumed now included them as a New World Order who not only by namesake but also by intelligence to be the next predictable group to gain spiritual intelligence and the Holy Grail and use the theory to invent a new form of energy based on these old predictions that already stated End of Time 2012 was a real factor.
The real factor for End of Time 2012 as a religious event stated that the Abomination created by the Ancient Brothers in America and Egypt who had used a stone relay involving the Giza Pyramid and Stonehenge would finally end a sequel of wavelengths that had been attacking Earth by our Sun ever since they caused this Abomination. This is because the Ancients copied what had happened in our pre-history based on the remaining SPHINX stone body as proof of this most ancient civilization.
This was their truth…..finally the Earth would be healed after the Christ 1000 as a factor, in the Year 2000 as beating Satan 1000 (tan values) as a factor that would regain time as a new face of 12 in 2012 as renewal of life on Earth. Earth life was finally going to be healed and we were moving into a higher consciousness because of it. This meant that our lives and our suffering would begin to alter on Earth as our spiritual awareness would emerge from new Sun harmonic relays that healed our brainwaves. Our most ancient higher consciousness would therefore return in the Year 2012 as a rebirth.
The New World Order or occult Scientists who did not understand these values quantified a new version of the Bible and added into it their own names as holy values stating that they as the Illuminated (Skull and Bones Society) were the biblically predictable Satan and that they by this insight were the Chosen Ones on Earth who would not only gain a New World Order as a new form of Earth dictatorship, they would gain its spirit energy as wavelengths and gain control of the Sun values and use them for a new technology giving them world leadership itself.
To understand what has happened from this event is to demonstrate how in the Bible as a brotherhood secret as written about by many people other than myself, that a secret code existed within its documents regarding how the atom was created, and how it had a factored numbered sequence in the hidden quotes as namesakes that equated a Science. This Science involved the Song of Creation and it involved Sun Harmonics. This is the Science of the Occult that NASA has been studying.
Therefore as understood LETTERS were given NUMBERS and those LETTERS have numbered equations in the biblical discussions as a PHI losophy. This meant that PHI equations were hidden in textual discussions, that although were religious and spiritually based functions, they were also secret messages about Sun equations. NASA understood this from their own and many years of occult studies.
This is why their name NASA is about T regarding SATAN.
T as a letter as a hidden secret is a symbol for half of the cross, why the cross + was given a half and half value to Christ 1000 and Satan 1000 = 2000.
Therefore to factor SATAN, NASA Scientists worked out all of the half values of the cross or T values stating that these values gave them creation itself.
NASA obviously as a prophesised group have followed the versions of Satan to try and gain the Sun values (burnt values) of the holy bloodline of the cross +.
The holy bloodline obviously involves the Sun, harmonics and how we were created from the spirit of life, PLASMA.
This is because our human spirit is a plasma cell, our blood is plasma and the healing or the non-healing of it involves the Sun and its own burning of that plasma cell or harmonics. It is why the CIA were so interested in human being self-combustion cases around the Earth.
Why did people use Numbers to prophetically quote Satanic acts that would involve the American Government?
It is because our names are created from Letters, Letters are given numbers and numbers give us sequences. For those people who use astronomy and numbers it is how they chartered a numerical event for a prophetic energy or life interaction. This is why they called it occult because many events were predictable because people demonstrated true outcomes could be factored this way. Why? Simply because of harmonics and recurring patterns.
So if someone ascertains that they are biblically chosen or prophetically factored, it means that they have used their names to quote biblical statements or references. This is what NASA did themselves as the Luciferian representatives as a common era time outcome or recurring pattern.
As argued by many, the name OBAMA for instance, how could that be prophetically encoded in the Bible and what did it mean regarding Satan. How could a human being be born as a prophetic statement, act out the prophecy and create it when it was not actually named in the Bible as OBAMA…….yet if you use the LETTERS of the Bible you gain a new insight into its quotes?
This is based itself on Sun Time, or harmonics.
It means that in the year 2012 by Sun Time, the harmonics of the Sun created patterns for life and these patterns were the end of the origin abomination event, an event that began the End itself. For us in our common time, it simply states that what began the events of change on the Earth were a recurring pattern in life that kept repeating itself. Human beings therefore kept copying in their lifestyles the ancient accident itself and kept causing it to return to Earth to harm the healing cell. Therefore Stonehenge was a repeat of the ancient tragedy.
Harmonics naturally relate to our DNA signals and DNA is a natural harmonic signal status in light wavelengths. Therefore the consciousness involved in those events is re-established back on Earth again as a return of those DNA signals……so we are born as the ancient self in a new human body and a new human society.
So “we” as a human race were already encoded in the light wavelengths as DNA signals ready to be born in a time frame. So we were already formed from the ancient abomination act, as a healing wavelength that kept returning to Earth because of what was encoded in it harmonically as an Act of Abomination altering her natural wavelengths. This is why so many of us remember and understand our ancient past mistake.
How did the Abomination re-invent itself on Earth to End Time 2012?
This is because the harmonic wavelengths healed at a factor of 0 were broken in 1900 when the atom was split. This altered the harmonic wavelengths and put our Earth harmonies back into the Act of the Abomination. This meant that the atom and atomic power has been burning a wavelength that returns to Earth as a sequence since that split.
This is because the Abomination itself and its religious data were based on the actual act of an attack on the Earth body by the Ancients. This Act is not discussing how the Earth was first created it is discussing how New Time was created (new chemical wavelength variances) by altering the harmonic wavelengths as a continued sequence of wavelength attacks that would end in the Year 2012. As some might be aware, chemical wavelengths are the reason why we have differing conscious awareness…how chemicals cause emotional, spiritual disturbances along with ill health and also many differing mental health problems.
How did the Ancients gain this information as a spirit insight?
They gained this spiritual insight through the taking of somas or drugs, which induced hallucinations and visions that allowed them to harmonically “hear” the voices or spirits that were involved in the actual Act of the Abomination. This is because they as plasma bodies we call spirits were encoded or burnt inside the American Earth Well, as it had a plasma cell. It is a well due to the fact that the Earth had been blasted by the Sun in America as the first human race on Earth as Atlantis. Their pyramid was huge, much larger than Giza and it blew a huge hole in the Earth Stone. This was how that plasma cell was turned into an abomination as a Fallen Angel. Earth’s origin cell as a colder Sun reaction had a cold plasma cell in that well. It was why this well became a half and half body.
This plasma cell was encoded with a new satanic constant or bodies the ancients called the Fallen Angel or devil cell, as a Sirius Sun harmonic star attack on Earth as the Act of the Abomination. This plasma cell previously was a healed white or virgin cell that simply had a high harmonic soundwave, which was cut in half by the Sirius Sun channel that had been opened and burnt into a lesser plasma cell as this Abomination, becoming a PHI cell in the Earth. Therefore PHI was the actual attack as a wavelength on the Earth cell stripping her harmonic values that this cell once sang in unity with our Earth Sun.
How did this form of intelligence as an alien/daevic/avedic attack gain a body or cell in our Earth?
It is because the Sun as a harmonic wavelength “sings” soundwaves. Soundwaves create oscillations and oscillations create the emergence of faces and body forms. This is because the Song of Creation, burnt to eventually form stone was once being sung in Light itself, what we call Heaven. This Song was singing for Angel bodies, or the bodies of our Father, the Light Conscious own children. Once it was burnt the soundwaves obviously altered and so our Father had to re-encode it, which is how the Space Cell was formed. All of the star bodies and new light plasma bodies formed in these galaxies created a New Song and Soundwave that did not allow for these bodies to form actual plasma cells….they only formed whispy trailing bodies (as you can see in NASA space photos). These are simply images or harmonic bodies, the same we can witness in cloud formations. Each Universe itself is a United Song or soundwave, and each sings for light energy, not a body. Hence trying to quantify these cells as Fallen Angels is a mis-conception of the Astronomers because harmonically they sing only for light energy for ALL THINGS created.
This is where the story comes from that there is a UFO inside Mother Earth…….a new atomic orbital was encoded, one that is metal. Our origin Earth cell did not have metal encoded in it.
When the Ancients altered the Earth through a self-creation of placing Stone bodies and heads in a relayed pattern, they altered the harmonic wavelengths that we received on Earth. They had set up a new stone relay that was not natural. This was how the Earth began to encode within its interior plasma cell a burnt cell of constant relayed image messages from Sirius that built up plasma bodies inside the plasma cell itself. They gave life to a stone plasma cell that once only sang a harmonic light wavelength in the Earth Well (it had no form) and they placed these body forms within it. That is how the Fallen Angel was placed inside the American Earth Well……how by the Abomination values America equated that it was the Satan Cell itself.
So our Earth Sun lost its harmonic values to the American Well and it could no longer create a plasma relay keeping the well full. This is why it has taken the Earth millions of years to heal this well and brings life into a new wavelength by re-building the harmonic wavelengths of the Earth to heal the American Well itself. This meant that if they did not break the atom in 1900s and drop out the magnetosphere plasma cell, our Earth and the American Well would have returned to its origin angel status of healed plasma body. The magnetosphere would be much denser and our total consciousness and health would have been altered. Earth life would have renewed its cell and life returned.
It is why such tribes as the Mayans worked out the predictions when the Earth would no longer be attacked by the star groups in the ancient sequence that opened up a ring of fire in the Sirius Star Group that attacked Earth. This is how those Star Groups were given animal names or anima insignias because it relates to the Act of the Abomination or the beast terms in the Bible of how those Ancients using the 2 x 2 or PHI squaring values they brought in an Ark (wavelength) that flooded the Earth with a star message that attacked us. It is why the actual ancient story re-written and re-philosophised about was depicting what the Abomination was and why as a brotherhood membership those who believed Alchemy and Astronomy was allowable on Earth were murdered……..because it secretly discussed how the Earth was attacked and destroyed by the Sun harmonics in our ancient past, so it was outlawed.
The documentations were once held by a holy brotherhood who tried to confiscate all of these accounts from the public review and keep them secreted from those researching and trying to regain the values through Astronomical readings for the Ark of the Covenant and its scientific secrets. It was why Astronomy was classified to be an occult act and those teaching it were occultists who would be thrown in jail or murdered for being anti-spiritual.
It is why it states such unusual terms such as “In the Beginning” simply because any person with honest intelligence would quantify that it is impossible to state a beginning in creation simply because you cannot count backwards from 1. In other words you cannot minus a number because it has to exist first, so it can only count forwards and it never existed in a before state. We cannot quantify before time on our Sun values because their harmonics were altered by the Ancient Abomination Act and there is no data present today that can give pre-existent wavelength values because they were altered in this Act.
The reason for this is because our pre-existence was not a heated existence and our heated existence only has 1 wavelength moving forward, therefore it never existed previously as any form of a minus heated event.
NASA began to use a Satellite program based on the Sirius PHI alignments of this heat and began to relay these alignments into the Earth’s atmosphere.
They were involved in establishing HAARP which would give them advices as to the frequencies gained by this satellite program, re-submitting ancient PHI soundwaves back into the Earth relays for their own science exploration of the Ark of the Covenant. They used ancient Sanskrit values that gave many of the harmonic patterns of the ancient abomination sequences and began to send circle after circle into Earth. This is why the Earth has had a non-stop sequence of transmitted satellite soundwaves forming crop circles enmasse, caused by NASA looking for the atomic orbitals (UFO phenomena) that is linked to these events. Crop circles are burnt plasma cells in the crop’s cellular formation, why they droop because it alters their molecular bases and then replaces them…..so it is very difficult to observe. In human beings we can be observed because unlike crops we maintain constants and when our constant is altered our bloodlines alter also.
Molecular changes for stronger crops were therefore introduced by NASA studies as they are well aware that they genetically altered the life cycle of crops. This is why they tried to genetically modify crops because they knew in the return wavelengths that they themselves have altered we could lose all crops and starve in the future.
This is because crop circles demonstrated that not only was “wind” involved in the circle making (sun channel) but also little UFO’s would be seen and people would be affected by a remaining energy admittance. They also knew through CIA study of UFO investigation reports how human beings were affected by those same channel openings. This is because our DNA signals come from the Sun harmonics and NASA knew that if they could gain all informants they would conclusively have the GENESIS of LIFE or our total genetic experience as a data bank along with the data bank for actual energy relays for all life sequences. This would give them the NEW WORLD ORDER and control of the Earth relays via Satellite and they do not care what is changed or who dies because of their Satanic Act.
It is the only reason why in the CERN collider sequence failure, that their own Satellite was burnt also because it relayed back via the feedback channel they were using a surge of energy into their satellite relay, burning out their Satellite which they had to repair.
It is why the Earth is inundated with a non stop constant barrage of UFO activity, because it is linked to this study of atomic orbitals on the human brainwave, our DNA responses, how it caused attacks as an atomic orbital DNA relay on cows, why it alters cell formation, not only in humans as the bloodline of the holy but also in animals. It is why mad cow disease is a scientific creation, as is AIDS and EBOLA. It is why NASA had an earlier study program on black americans because their bloodline already demonstrated to have a sine fault in it. Hence they were studying our past DNA ancient links to the ancient mistake or abomination via DNA data banks. They did a human test study on these people, the same as they introduced drugs into mental health patients as a criminal act to try and distinguish 2 events involved in human message banks linked to what they knew the Ancients obtained as information.
It is why that same study caused stigmata (skin problems) and also sexual transmitted disease, because they altered the DNA signals.
It is why stigmata is a common effect in humankind, and why skin rashes appeared enmasse in America under this same program study.
It is why a huge atomic orbital was created by a plasma relay hand held system at Roswell, which caused a huge UFO to form and also a plasma cell to fall out of the cloud formation as the alien.
It is why cloud formations form a spaceship model.
It is why the ozone hole opened.
It is why when the atom was split, Russia was hit with a blast of energy in that relay.
It is why we now suffer a DNA default for loss of memory or loss of time just as witnessed in UFO phenomena.
NASA has once again abominated Mother Earth with those same wavelengths as the ancients did.
This is why it was accountable and prophesised by using the letter counts for the MOTHER ABOMINATION SEQUENCE that it feeds back a prophesised outcome that Satan would be destroyed, that America would be attacked by God and that OBAMA himself was involved in this event. That Michael Drosnin who was detailing to the world how the letters re-arranged in the Biblical dialogue revealed a new Code that prophesised the world would be attacked as a Satanic Act. He was trying to inform America of this deceit but has been ridiculed by the CIA in the public forum. This is because they know themselves that it is true and are trying to keep it a secret. They state that this form of coding can be found in any script, which is true, simply because letters are given only a 26 sequel, with a number value for each 26 letters, hence it will no matter where written demonstrate the same forms of prophecy if the 26 letters are used as an occult Science. NASA has used this Science.
Drosnin himself detailed that his own Christ line would nail him in his heart, meaning that his healed DNA sequence broken in 1900s when the atom was split would return to him in the crossing of the wavelengths and cause a DNA failure. This is what the Christ and the healed relays actually meant in this Scripture…..it was how our Light Father or higher consciousness healed us and kept us healed on Earth.
If you understand LETTERS factor as a secret reference as A-Z factor 1-26.
Revelations are 22 meaning that the 2×2 sequel of the Ark of the Beast PHI or squaring values take 2 away from time = 24.
So when the Abominated is enacted as 22, 2 wavelengths go missing out of the normal time of 24.
This is because in the Holy Count 2 bodies are sacred, being the Holy Christ and the Holy Mary.
This is why 2012 END OF TIME was actualized by NASA who cancelled out in the Earth 2 healed wavelengths, leaving us with a loss of time 22, a loss of energy as the holy cell leaving its wrappings because the light wavelengths are no longer constant and energy (UFO atomic orbital constant) is being released around the Earth as the UFO phenomena because of those missing 2 healing wavelengths. If you read old documents of the Alchemists they call this the devil mowing (crop circles). Hence only when the wavelengths for the Abomination are used can this event actually occur. It cannot occur naturally because our space body wavelengths have been increasing over the time values. Increase of the light wavelength naturally cancels out the Sun cell that was missing or burnt out its harmonic relay.
As the wavelengths got bigger over time they would wash over the top of the burnt out cell in our Earth Sun….how our Earth was healed by our Sun and its own healing by this natural wavelength sequence continued our life cycles on Earth even though we were missing MANY sacred or geometrical harmonic designs. This is because preceding galaxies were replacing their own values in the missing values we gained in our burn, as they are very cold galaxies.
NASA has reopened the old Sun channels and is still burning out the 2 old wells of the Sun that burnt inside the Earth our healing plasma cell that was going to renew life on Earth after 2012. NASA has stopped this from occurring.
Therefore a NEW WORLD ORDER will begin meaning that our Father’s higher consciousness, as it did in ancient times, comes back to Earth because he has to re-heal the Sun and place a higher harmonic value back into it as a beginning function in our Earth Sun. It is the only reason why the ancients who first returned after the ancient abomination act were a higher consciousness able to record in detail what had happened on Earth. They returned after the Earth frozen began to thaw. Therefore you can only guess what is going to happen by our pre-history regarding this event.
This itself is a proof to our lower conscious state on Earth that our Father does exist in Light as the Higher Consciousness who returned in that ancient culture and documented the event. It is God our Father who is healing his own SON-G of Creation as the hidden texts discuss and has to return once again to Earth to begin another higher consciousness that should have developed naturally itself on Earth after 2012 finished.
This is how and why the Act of the Revelation 22 for End of Time 2012 has occurred as an Abomination.
By understanding how Letters factor returns to Earth as not only a harmonic equation but also a DNA human act is to equate that the letter M is also a value for 1000, just as the Christ is.
M as 13 is the middle function in time 12 to a new face of 12.
It is why the 13 was a secret that recorded time would only increase and continue because it gets healed by 1000 Christ. Therefore time is only relevant to 1 face and cannot be given a future nor can it be given a past. Time only occurs as the miracle it is, each and every day = 1 as a HEALING EVENT from light itself, because only light can caste out the evil act and not allow its harmonics to encode in our wavelengths. If the stone is allowed to encode itself in the passing wavelength, because stone is a burnt body of information, if you alter the wavelengths they will get burnt as they pass through the Earth and then they will release their spirit life force……or our life blood is lost. This is how CHRIST is crucified and dies on the cross by loss of the holy blood.
This burning event occurred in 1900s as the Earth was attacked by the atom………..we had already been healed at 0 and once healed at position 0 it cannot be healed again, for it is a once only ACT, of birth, crucifixion and spiritual arising. The 1000 sequel obviously can only be maintained if the holy act is not altered. 12 to 12 is therefore no longer being healed because 13 was burnt as a middle factor (atom split), our Father began to heal it, but NASA re-burnt 13 to observe the Earth’s sequences for when the collider of CERN’s was activated. It had to be burnt to release the UFO or orbitals for observation by NASA. This meant that their study identified a channel relay on Earth by a human spirit that was involved in the DNA sequences relayed to them as a Healer (a human being with both Psychic/healing awareness and actual physical evidence of that occurring).
How does the MYSTERY MOTHER ABOMINATION prove itself to be a re-enacted prophecy?
Why did it involve me?
Because I was that Healer and Psychic which I have evidence of to prove what NASA has done.
We simply can use the values that the Ancients Philosopher’s Code used to display how letter sequences can be scattered and form a new encoding. This is the actual act of the abomination itself, scattering of the wavelengths causing new languages to form as new DNA signals. Hence scattering of the Abomination lettering as holy values has caused a new abomination act upon the old one already documented or a new language has been formed in the holy creation because the wavelengths have been scattered. This is because NASA used their NEW WORLD ORDER participants and their names (why their Presidents took such names as MAGOG for instance in the Skull and Bones brotherhood) and re-encoded a sequence for NASA’s occult science based on their own holy status of being chosen by themselves as the New World Order or new illuminated brotherhood.
Upon her forehead was a name written, meaning that they took the “brainwaves” and altered their DNA wavelengths in the atmosphere into an abomination on Earth.
O = the value given as a CELL for 60 and 65 letters = the value for 60 plus 5
5 = Hand.
65 letters when used alters the value of the God cell O into an abomination, being a lettered harmonic equation as a sequence or the use of a number equation as a sequence.
We know ourselves this is used as a Science because our DNA data can and has been given identification purposes as chemical relays or wavelengths via letters and also number sequences. The Ancients also used this value under different references.
The Ancients therefore depicted that if you use this biblical sequence for the Sun as a harmonic balance, you will abominate the wavelength or the cell itself O. The cell is DNA harmonics for all life as a sealed function O.
If you give the above letters as the abomination act their CAPITAL VALUE, being the very reason why they are written as CAPITALS, M for instance becomes 1,000,000 as the GREAT VALUES instead of 1,000. This is why it is called THE GREAT.
NASA knew this.
So when you begin to calculate wavelengths from the Abomination Act as GREAT CAPITAL VALUES, they have a huge number sequences, which NASA repeated via Satellite because they knew this coded reference existed as PHI values.
AAAAAAABBBDEEEEEEEFFGHHHHHHIILLMMMNNNNOOOOOOORRRRRSSSTTTTTTTT​TYYY are the letters to reveal the prophecy as enacted by NASA as their own abomination event they created as a new biblical act.
Understanding that the Ancients called End of Time 2012 the Long Count and Bethlehem is a secret value in that count regarding healing of the holy Father and his sacred vestige as Christ. This regarded a count that involved how his spirit body was regained as a cloth, as a spirit body itself or an angel returned around our planet Earth to continue our life cycles. This is because Christ is wrapped in the holy cloth and the Christ spirit gives us life and heals us all.
HEM therefore has a secret value regarding how this holy cloth is healed, why the brothers kept a reminder of this value as the holy face of Christ embedded into a holy cloth.
The brotherhood had this LONG COUNT encoded as numbered values in the Bible count. The MOTHER ABOMINATION now altered READS…….
What this reveals is that the Skull and Bones secret occult brotherhood who believed in the Holy Cloth encoding tried to re-enact it as a CHRIST FACE BURNT or BURN THE HOLY STONE OR LAW. Before the 2012 Long Count was finished they hit my own DNA relay (why I can recount this story) as a psychic to detail for them by what happened to my brainwaves how the Egyptian Thoth Numbers, being the secret number order of wavelengths, altered the Thoth Numbers into the Seth value. They in this attack on my brainwaves via a Satellite stream broke open the 2 wavelengths as the ++ 2 crosses into TTTT and stopped the sacred FISH from being created around Earth as a healing event.
Now if you understand that FISH is an act of the CHRIST, you will understand that in the holy angles as the plasma cell angel we find fish are encoded as a geometric holy design or harmonic frequency in time values as a constant. This is the holy cloth value of the Earth wrap.
FISH as a symbol in the CELL O form a net, meaning it creates a constant value forming a network or a harmonic sound function in all cells. You could also call this a grid as another term of reference.
SETH as the abomination act by NASA is the DOG God term of THOTH, hence NASA instead of forming GOD in the holy count of secret numbered values formed DOG instead (GOD going backwards). This meant that they sent as a feedback wavelength as the GOD for Earth healing wave back into the burnt Sun Sirius channel relay or the DOG STAR and it was burnt. So it could not form the FISH value healing event of feeding the many bodies of DNA signals it keeps healed on Earth. They therefore broke the network of the Earth Grid and have caused END OF TIME 2012 in the Earth body and DNA relays.
This is how they as the New World Order and their tactics as an occult Science to take over the Earth Grid for total world control FAILED and hence the New World Order they represent as a Satanic Act will not succeed.
They have placed the American Sun relays into a new event that will cause America to receive new sun wavelengths that will freeze their continent.
This is what happened in the ancient tragedy, long before the dinosaurs walked on the Earth. It was in an era when the Earth stone reveals that it was scorched by the Sun. This is why in the Bible Code by Drosnin, it dictates a message to the American President regarding End of Life.
The following sequels of Earth freezing and thawing related to natural events that were caused by the Abomination the ancients themselves introduced as a human race from a very ancient era on Earth. And it is why archaeology discovered in coal beds, ancient remnants including jewellery from a very sophisticated and ancient culture that pre-existed dinosaurs were discovered. 2012 was therefore the Time for the end of this wavelength to affect Earth with the great tragedies as influx of energy releases.
Our Earth body has since the atom split been heating up as demonstrated by the thawing of the poles causing great concern…….because the burnt wavelength NASA created has been returning into America through their satellite feedback relay. They have refused to stop relaying it because they want the atomic orbital information of the O Earth cell for their own Scientific occult study.
This is the only reason why the earthquake constant has been activated based on this old wavelength NASA is using relative to the ancient tragedy of the earth-bed breaking apart millions of years ago.
The reason why Christ is a term of Carpenter (healer) for Carpenter is a term for tekton or tectonicus as Earth plates. Hence it relates to the Secret of the Last Supper or eating of the holy body. The holy body as the bread is eaten in the Last Event before the Christ (stone plates die) being the holy body term for the raising of the holy spirit itself……all 12 bloodlines eat that bread = time lines including the holy Mary as a PHI instated event, that same spirit being eaten (Christ bread) after it was raised as the holy cell (healing), was then sacrificed as a crucifixion (PHI cross) and it leaves the Earth stone chamber.
This is a documented event that stated that if you enact the Last Supper sequel of events by those that follow the Christ (Saints) or the ain 000 the Christ Healer Spirit eaten in body (stone holy cell – spirit harmonics) will leave the Earth stone because the time lines (12) are all attacked and their holy bodies die and the Stone Plates will then collapse (Mary) as the Law of the Stone was burnt on its face and broken into 2, just as they did in Ancient Times.
NASA has been doing exactly that by using the old Stonehenge relay of Sirius (middle PHI VALUES) which should be the holy 13 (Middle or Mother-secret M 1000 holy value of Earth) and issuing satellite relays by Mother Abomination sequences 1,000,000 into the Earth ground stations along this fault-line or Carpenter line known to many as the sinking of Atlantis by the breaking of the plates.
Atlantis therefore has a hidden term Atlantis-sAtanlit, why NASA knew that it involved the Abomination theory. It details that the crystal of Atlantis or THOTH crystal chambers are eaten out inside the stone body (cavity), as Atlantis regards the crystal re-arising on Earth (crystal harmonic wavelengths that had healed the burnt-out Sun chambers inside Earth) and the crystal harmonics on Earth in our light wavelengths now get burnt as they pass through the burnt out stone cavities inside of Earth. This is because NASA burnt them out using sAtanlit.

Link to site [link to blog.world-mysteries.com]
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My god it looks like a typewriter vomited. Shorted that post up or provide a summary--I don't have time to start a new book.

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Too long, didn't read

Thanks though, I will come back if I have time to read it


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My god it looks like a typewriter vomited. Shorted that post up or provide a summary--I don't have time to start a new book.
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interesting read.....cool2
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I read the first half and its about the dumbest thing I ever read.