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Benghazi-gate - oil and Americans getting ripped off?

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 24011342
United States
10/27/2012 02:32 PM
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Benghazi-gate - oil and Americans getting ripped off?
Here is what I think happened...somebody - I don't know who (but I think people in "high" places)- had a BIG oil contract with the Libyans. The deal was to buy oil at dirt cheap prices in Libya and sell it back in America for the going high price. Americans were going to pay for somebody to get rich. The deal went south and some brave Americans lost there lives.

Here is my supporting evidence for my belief...

Early on - reports of missing oil contracts...
[link to www.independent.co.uk]

The two ex-Navy Seals who lost their lives...were, at the time, working for a company that specialized in protecting oil "assets" - they were NOT presently in the US military - that fact seems to get hidden quite often!
[link to www.wired.com]
Another news source indicates that Blue Mountain works with oil "security." The article above indicates where Blue Mountain has contracts...you get the picture of what they guard.

It is not unusual for "relatives" of "high-ups" to get contracts...
[link to www.foxbusiness.com]

Why did the contract "go south" - I don't know...but, maybe somebody would have had "re-election" problems had word of the oil contracts gotten out. The contracts had to be destroyed at ALL COSTS.

This makes sense for holding off the saving the ex-Seals' lives...the contracts HAD to be destroyed at all costs! Even if it took hours and human lives - those contracts had to be destroyed.

Is my "hypothesis" pure speculation - yes! Do I have any inside knowledge - no! But, I at least have a reason for all of the "misstakes" and dealings. The two ex-Seals just got in the way of a fake mob attacking the consulate and "destroying things."

If this scenario is real...it shows that Al Qaeda is a puppet of some "high ups."