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Message Subject America everyday closer to south Africa, blacks addicted to murdering elderly white folk
Poster Handle Stokely Carmichael
Post Content
Filthy, vile thread, populated by filthy, vile posts from the malfunctioning brains of fithy, vile, backwards racists.

Here's hoping you're all roleplaying & this IS in fact merely a bait-thread (which it wreaks of...)!

It's difficult, burdened with the possible reality there are individuals in this world bearing SUCH low regard for their fellow man.

If you twats really are legit then here's hoping you never have kids!

And if you do have kids here's hoping they never give in to the insidious, ignorant notions you've allowed your ethical standards to be governed by.

If they wise up to what you are they may just dis-own you, but that's the price you pay for being a monster.
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