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Message Subject I saw a UFO last night
Poster Handle BradB5
Post Content
Please people, if you mean space craft or whatever can you please just say that. It sounds really stupid when you say things like "advanced UFO" lol
 Quoting: ming

Whats stupid is when people claim there are lights on the outside of so called advanced unidentifiable flying objects piloted by aliens from other planets.

I have friends that claim to have seen the same thing OP saw, I don't think these flying triangles are from outer space but rather man made right here on mother earth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23821747

Well I never said it was an alien ship. I've actually been leaning toward what someone else said earlier about a secret government aircraft. But still, I don't think anyone can say what's "stupid" when it comes to alien spacecraft, especially when it's something as simple as lights. No one knows what an alien spaceship would look like, nevertheless what aliens "need" on that ship. The lights could serve several purposes. And a lot of people keep assuming the pilot of the UFO doesn't want to be seen, and that's their basis for dismissing sightings where the person said they saw lights. But that's all it is. An assumption.
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