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Message Subject Ellen DeGeneres Exposed
Poster Handle Pennyless
Post Content
i cant judge against ellen. I may not be gay, but i have sins of my own, like we all do. She has made her choices in life and she will live and die by them. I can only do my part to raise my daughters properly and hope for thebest for them. If what ellen does is a sin, she will answer to it and it is not our place to judge. That said, I do find the thought of gay sex icky, lololo! But cant judge a person.
 Quoting: green_girl

Lol icky? What are you 12? How do you know until you try it? wink

But I agree, no judging. Plus to say someone is a satanist because their queer and where peace sign shirts is as retarded as believing god knocked up a 14 year old virgin jewish girl who gave birth to god's son that was also god.
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