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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
In his/Obama close at the 3rd debate he spoke of "tribulation". Odd
 Quoting: anonimalle

Wow, that IS interesting, Anonimalle! I didn't catch that - do you happen to remember the context in which he used it? Not the sort of word that one would casually bring up in a closing statement.

I'd say that anyone who is keeping tabs on ANYONE considered "Elite", ESPECIALLY Obama, should be paying close attention to their whereabouts and movements. This storm WOULD make a great cover for anyone who wanted to "disappear"
 Quoting: Eggcellent

You know, I said last week that there would be an event that will cause a great deal of confusion as to what is truly taking place and that the event will build up into a situation where elections will not hold. Well, that event hasnt even happened yet and people are already confused as to what is unfolding.. This is just a cover for all of them to disappear into their underground bunkers. You wont be needing to ask where anyone is after this storm.

How could the president come out and warn of an upcoming storm he doesnt know full details of yet? How was he sure he would not be ridiculed when this storm turns out to be nothing? Unless of course he knows it would be something. Then you ask how he could know what mother nature would do well in advance? Perhaps they created and are steering this storm.

In a war, this is one of the first things you would do. To knock out your enemy's communication or disable them in some shape or form.
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