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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
I agree. It was hyped way too big for some REASON. Was it a prep to collapse the infrastructure, a method to keep us busy while something Else is happening that we don't know about. Too many people put their reputations on the line hyping this storm on purpose. Obama who wants a relection so bad he can taste it, actually threw a bone out there calling for the seriousness of this storm. So there must be a reason. Some possibilities:
1. To expand the reach or power of the Fema agency
2. to collapse the infrastructure in the largest city to make it spread out from there like a virus to the entire US.
3.A political distraction from Bengazi
4.A FF so we are unprepared or blow off the next big storm that calls for evacuations so more are in harms way. Perhaps we have an even bigger storm coming very soon.
5. Where are all the elite now? We wouldn't know would we, if the media is distracting us with storm news.
I thought it would be a huge storm, most of us all did, but there must be something behind it all. Too many questions, not enough answers. Just sayin...
 Quoting: skyblau

Yes you are right.

1. I however think FEMA is already expanded. Perhaps to station them across the states you mean? You know, like 9/11 when they were ready to take charge after the event? This leads me to believe a false flag could be in the works. So they are prepared to contain the fallout of the panic and riots that could result.

2. Possibly but I would argue that it is to weaken the infrastructure in preparedness for something bigger to come and spread this weakness, state of alert, panic or whatever across the US and the world. Rememebr in all they do, they have to make it make sense so that people do not wake up from the slumber they are in. NYSE is yet to open tomorrow or whenever. We are likely to see panic sellouts which will spread across the spectrum.

3. Possibly. But how long can he hide away from this? If he wins, he still has to face it unless something much bigger than Benghazi will happen that will make it look like a walk in the park and Burry it for life. My argument on Benghazi is that it is a False Flag he knew of well in advance. This event, as it happened on 9/11, was both a ritual and an excuse to bring to light the hoax war on terror once again for a bigger FF they have planned down the pike. It is like a primmer for a something bigger. Always try and keep in mind these people aren't stupid and there is a reason why they do things.

4. You would notice all my arguments above lead to a False Flag and this is why I fear a False Flag is what they are waiting for to collapse the whole thing and put the blame on the masses. They will never take any blame. If the system collapses without a trigger, it would imply negligence on their part. They wont have this.

5. The elites are no where to be found. Where is Hillary for instance?

Let me know your thoughts.
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