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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
CNN is currently saying they dont know where Romney is going to be next and has cancelled all future campaign appearances. Hmmm!

I made arguments earlier that this storm is generated or created and is being steered. And it is the perfect cover for the elites to go underground along with the mass evacuations ordered. See my post to this effect below ...

What makes this even more interesting is the President's forewarning. He started this hype and one could argue that if he could be the postman for this hurricane he could as well have been the postman for other hurricanes that occurred in the past.

After all there is no way to possibly estimate the trajectory, behaviour, damage and destruction of life a storm like this and others like it in the past could leave in its path. And if lesser hurricanes of the past have claimed lives and property like the current one did, then I believe no life is more important than the other and each hurricane should have been given the same treatment and response. Did we get this same treatment and response with previous storms, especially the president coming forward to break the ice?

I am saying in essence that the President should have been the one announcing every other hurricane that has occurred in the past, like he did with Sandy, and since that hasn't been the case, then this announcement should be deemed fishy by people. It is contradictory and the people should be looking into this.

The warnings, in the past, have usually come from the local agencies and MSM. This time however, it is different. It came from the president. Why?

I'm certain they ordered this hurricane otherwise why would the president put his reputation on the line and warn about the seriousness of a storm when it hasnt hit yet and could possibly not tell how mother nature would behave or what damage and destruction this would leave in its path? I mean, Irene turned out not to be an issue. Would the president still be credible if he had made an issue out of it then?

Not only is Obama's reputation on the line now, the mainstream media's reputation for being a pied piper is also on the line for trumpeting Obama's announcement. If this storm turns out to be a non issue, they are seriously out of business and cannot trumpet any other president's speech. I am however certain this wont be the case. They will come out the strong ones at the backside of this. So either this storm is gonna be serious or what is coming after it is gonna blow your minds. I personally think the storm is trigger, an excuse, a build up to a series of cascading events.

Another thing that just popped to my mind now is that if this storm is not as serious as hyped, and is an excuse to get these freaks underground, then we are about to witness a cascade of events that wont stop and people wont be able to keep track of. The storm will be forgotten quickly as other events overshadow it.

Back to the storm, for all we know, nature could fizzle out this whole thing but with Obama's warning last night, he seems to know what nature intends to do. Add to this the fact that this warning from him, if it turned out to be nothing, could affect his credibility and ruin his chances of winning the election just few days away from D day, then you will realise that he knows whats coming. You could also argue that elections will be the least of our worries by next week and the president knows this as well. Other events will develop faster than we can catch up with.

I believe Sandy was ordered and is the perfect cover for a number of things.

1. Dry Run or Flash Crash for NYSE before the real thing actually starts

2. The right cover for getting the major players to go underground or out of dodge without alerting the public especially under mandatory evacuation orders because the S is HTF very shortly after.

3. A diversion from other bigger moves they are making. Why wasn't there coverage of the impact of the storm on Washington DC for instance? They showed other places but DC during the coverage.

However, the false flag is what actually brings the house of cards down....it is what starts the war they want not the hurricane. Watch out for this very, very soon.

Something tells me things will pick up speed from here on and by next week, even the sheeple will see the world is not normal.
 Quoting: Ohwell

Romney's itinerary is now unknown, according to CNN. Once he leaves his present campaign location, they are reporting they dont know his next stop. He's likely not to leave his current location and that is when that is where his bunker is.

Out of all the elite puppets, I think he is the main person in the spotlight now and when/if he goes missing, remains in a permanent location or no longer reported on, then this should be an indication that SHTF soon. I believe or hoping the MSM make this error.

Obama will be travelling around so don't worry too much about him.

Just thought I should put this out there.
 Quoting: Ohwell

This is an EXTREMELY important thread, and just what I was looking for, to figure out the illuminuttie game plan. Thank you, Ohwell - this is a public service!!

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