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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Special-K
Post Content
OK you will probably say I'm way off base here but here goes.

The Jesuits (the real evil puppetmasters of the world who control even the vatican ) have prepositioned nukes in many cities around the world. Probably even prepositioned dirty bombs and biological weapons as well.

So when the time is right and public is off guard and thinking the boogieman is Iran or Syria or whomever, the Jesuits can detonate one of these nukes and blame it on another country.

I've heard chatter out there in cybyerspace that there is a plan to take out Phoenix or a port city in Texas or Detroit or maybe even san Diego CA.

Lot's of chatter but it could very well be a city or a port we just haven't heard about.

Knowing the mind of the "illuminated ones" Phoenix AZ would be very symbolic....its burning in nuclear fire will cause a phoenix to rise up from amoung it's ashes and it will truely be a new world order (based on the iron WAR MACHINE that the US will unleash on the Middle east who will be blamed for it)

Even NY or Atlantic City NJ....what better cover for disgruntled Iranians or other muslim boogiemen to slip in and put in a nuke or a biological bomb for that matter.

Fact is...the real boogiemen (the Jesuits) never will be blamed......they want america to declare war on the muslim world so they can weaken us down for our final takeover by the Russians and Chinese.

Food for thought.......look up the nuking of Hiroshima. Ask yourself why Pedro Arupe and 5 other jesuits were sitting practically on top of ground zero and were hardly hurt at all and were first on the scene to help any survivors. (Note: Pedro Arupe was rewarded for his Japanese "charity" by becoming the Jesuit General).....

Often the "caregiver" of someone who'se death is mysterious ends up being the poisoner.

The Jesuits pretend to be just another care-giving religious institution, but they poison all countries with there machinations and brutality. They take an oath to kill anyone their General deems a heritic or fit to die regardless of nationality or rank. Jesuits who take this 4th vow cannot be a patriot of any country and are traitors to all.

Beware the Black Robed Jesuit.....or anyone who fanatically suports Rome.
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