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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
11/11 is getting close. I wonder scratching
 Quoting: WeAreOne

I think this storm is the beginning of SHTF.

Michio Kaku said yesterday that this is the storm you tell your grandchildren about.

I said in a thread I made last week that there will be no elections. Seems we are being primed with that idea now.
 Quoting: Ohwell

Michio Kaku is a nuttie minion (a non-apologetic minion of the illuminutties), but he may be right. I hope this isn't a repost, but this guy, below, has a lot of experience with hurricanes through the years (as have I). This was NOT, as many are well aware, a normal hurricane:

BTW, Michio keeps pushing the possibility of UFOs overtly interacting with the people of the world, I believe.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26705494

Yes, I know he has inside information as to what is coming. This storm hasn't turned out to be epic as he stated. It has been serious but not epic has he said.

Now that is what makes me worried and why I think he knows that there is something on the backside of this storm that will really make it "the storm you tell the grandkids about". It is either there will be more hurricanes just down the line or there will be a series of cascading geo political events that will happen so fast that the only thing people will be able to remember is the beginning of it all...which is the hurricane.
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