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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Any basis for fact at all on this?

I like CT as much as the next man for enjoyment factor but wow anyone can hit the keyboard and express any 'possibility' whatsoever. Actual theories are borne out of research, out-of-the-ordinary events, some basis in fact and also first-hand knowledge.

If you're only basis for reasoning is "obama didn't look startled and upset on screen!" and "a president never gives a weather warning, something is up! - well, uh.. it's a bit thin. Maybe he wanted to portray a strong, calm stance and also just exercise his desire to go on camera and advise people personally, especially so close to the election.

And well, a tropical storm.. we don't see those every year. Just because one happened to hit closer in-land than the rest doesn't make it some kind of engineered experiment, it's called nature.

I'm not trying to be the big skeptic on this one but frankly dude consider the following:

a) if the government wanted to wipe you out, they wouldn't need to distract you and play deception games with you. They simply wouldn't tell you, then they would just do it. Unless you think somehow a small band of rebels could retake the planet/country.

b) if this 'wipe out event' is known by the government but there's really nothing they can do to control it, it is in NO way a wise idea to suddenly TELL EVERYONE THE TRUTH before you know it's coming as human nature always says "it may not happen". Let's cause a country to destroy itself on a remote possibility a grey told me about, that would be a rather self-fulfilling prophecy then no?
 Quoting: Harp 20209414

Apparently, there are rules. I don't know if they're universal rules, or whatever, but these "crazies that be" cannot just up and kill all of us, as much as they'd like to. That means they know there is a God, and karma, and they must toe the line, at least in that respect. One of the rules, as I understand it, is that they must tell us, in some way, shape, or fashion, what they're going to do.

To me, it's like when a city is going to sell a property that has been abandoned. First, I believe they have to put an announcement in a public place that can reasonably expected to be seen (e. g., a newspaper) that says "This property at such-and-such an address has been abandoned. We're planning on auctioning it off to the highest bidder." There is a requirement for public notice. That may or may not be a good analogy, but it's the best I've got right now.

As far as proof, how are you going to have proof for something that's going to happen like this, except for from unusual sources? Here's mine: Thread: "SUDDEN DEATH" - rULE 113: The "SURPRISE!" Part of the "October Surprise" is that it Will be in EARLY NOVEMBER!!

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