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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
How about a recap as of 11-1-21012 It's 10 a.m. Pacific time where I'm at. We know probably no election. You referenced Sandy not over and a new storm. Also additional fatalities ? Are the elite missing ? Hillary is obviously out due to Benghazi gate. Romney has been laying low and I found that odd because he could campaign in swing states not hit by Sandy.
 Quoting: Black Diamond 6838274

The last I heard about Hillary was just a statement they said she made about Libya or so. She never appeared on Camera. Like I said in my OP, Romney isn't moving. He's laying low. He could campaign now, but isn't. I'd like to know why?

CNN just announced in a covert way that people do not realise the storm isn't over. They said this immediately after showing the excitement on people's faces at an Obama rally. We are yet to see the impact of this storm on the NYSE. They have stalled the reaction of people with an internet outage excuse. Could this thing blow sky high?

Gov. Christy Christee said that he hoped people would get out when told to get out and that they should get out now. I don't know if its just me but the storm is presumably over so why is he making such a statement. If chanced, check the video address he made with Obama. Sorry I cant fetch links now.
 Quoting: Ohwell

I'll have to look at this. I have been avoiding the "weather" channel since they started lying through their teeth!
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