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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
You'd think that declaring a state of emergency well before the storm arrives would mean that things would be in place to be mobilized right after the storm ends. For anyone to still be out of gas in NJ/NY is ridiculous. This country can airlift the fuck out of anything. We can rebuild a foreign country that we've destroyed quicker than they can get meaningful relief to people on our own soil. Think about it. It's NY/NJ we're talking about. Only states away, helicopters and other modes of transport could have already flown in humanitarian supplies and gasoline for generators. Hundreds of ready to act engineers and contractors and rescue workers. You know that we have the capability to flood that area with relief. Why are they still waiting?
I thought that we had FEMA and everyone on "standby"? This is "being prepared"?

But that's not in the script, apparently. Those in charge want us to watch the misery and outrage on TV. They don't want us to see the professional, swift, and efficient rescue and restoration of two of our States.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1044117

...and I'm being called the crazy one? LOL!

Obviously they want a state of confusion and emergency on the election day and people will simply have no idea as to what is unfolding in front of their very eyes. These things you mentioned just don't add up, right? Well, some still want their cherished elections in the midst of this madness and insanity.

What are they truly waiting for to fix the destruction? There are endless queues at gas stations, no electricity and no attempt at fixing the situation yet Obama is putting on a show on the MSM. I mean, common!!!!

They always say the first reaction is the right one and judging by that, you pretty much know what their intentions are.....
 Quoting: Ohwell

I've said before, an Obama defeat means a contested election. So make sure a lot of things are in place to call an unfair election in case of defeat.
Sandy, UN monitors via OSCE (requested by those who think the U.S. election wil be "unfair"), and other things are going to make this the most fucked up election we've ever seen...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1044117

LOL Again. It is indeed interesting....

I have been attacked so much for stating that the election is gonna be fucked up and that Obama will remain in power. I couldnt even foresee the election as being clear when I made the thread about 2 weeks ago. I just saw that the elections will be cancelled cause things just didn't make sense at that point in time.

Here is an excerpt:

"What will happen however is that there is going to be an EVENT. That event will cause a great deal of confusion as to what is truly taking place. Those who haven't been paying attention all this while will seriously be in Limbo. Obama will act as the charismatic leader in the middle of this. Last night's debate was intended to portray him in this light - a strong person that can still remain president. This will be the thought process of the unaware masses when elections are cancelled."

All this slow motion chaos after effects of the storm and they not attending to the problem is part of the plan of creating confusion on the election day.

READ MORE: Thread: Obama will remain President. Likelihood of chaos whoever wins....This is why!

I think anyone that still sees or hopes that this election will turn out to be normal is actually the crazy one at this point.
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