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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle candycrappingunicorn
Post Content
The latest models show a range of scenarios spanning from prolonged storm conditions in the mid-Atlantic to little effect anywhere.

* The European (EURO) model - which best handled Sandy - shows a strong low developing off the Georgia coast election night (November 6), moving north to near the Delmarva coast by Wednesday night, stalling for about 12 hours, before weakening and moving northeast to near Cape Cod by Thursday night. This is a very bad scenario for the Maryland and Delaware beaches up through southern New England as it would result in a prolonged period of onshore flow and coastal flooding. The EURO also pulls down enough cold air for some wet snow in elevated areas west and northwest of Washington D.C.

* The GFS model develops a low off the South Carolina coast election night bring some rain to mid-Atlantic coastal areas, but - rather than turning up the coast - pulls out to sea. This simulation would raise seas and probably cause minor coastal flooding and beach erosion, but would not be a big deal. Note: only a few of the 20 GFS ensemble members (the same model run with tweaks to the initial conditions) simulate stormy conditions along the East Coast

GFS ensemble members for Wednesday morning next week. Only a few simulate stormy conditions along the East Coast. (WeatherBell.com) * The Canadian model develops a low fairly far off the Mid-Atlantic coast election night, far enough offshore that there is no precipitation for coastal or inland areas. It doesn’t really get its act together until its east of Maine Wednesday night and would probably produce few impacts outside that state.

[link to www.washingtonpost.com]
 Quoting: Luisport

Richard Quest of CNN just asked one of the reporters that what time does he think they will be able to call this election?

The first Reporter said 9:30 pm tuesday night.

He asked the second reporter if he was willing to take a bet on this time. The second reporter said no, but that they will be able to see the winner but cant call the election. But by wednesday they should know.

With all the pent up anger, exacerbated with this harsh weather conditions of Sandy and incoming snow, we are yet to see the implications, some not able to exercise their votes etc., isnt this a cocktail of disaster whoever is called a winner in this election? Wont the other party supporters go crazy. Now that the military are already on the streets, what do you suppose this will turn into?

Are these MSM people mocking birds or what? In these conditions do they still expect the elections to be free and fair, supposing it is real in the first instance? Why was he also asking for the time to call the election? Do they have a trick up their sleeves?
 Quoting: Ohwell

Don't you see, this is the same setup you mentioned earlier when Onumbnuts started talking about the storm before it got here. It's that subtle conditioning of the people for what to expect, getting them to think about the possibilities.

Everybody I've mentioned this to - there being no election, or at least a "stealing" of the election ala George Bush, thinks I'm looney tunes. So I don't say much. This is the only place ppl get it (well at least some) :)
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