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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
The storm came one week before the election. It was a clear warning to ................ that the world expects B.O. to be "elected". If there were a worldwide election B.O. would win hands down. I think the election goes forward and B.O. is "elected". If he is not, then watch the skies. Whatever outfit that delivered Sandy just demonstrated to the U.S. factions that our weather modification technology is....lacking. They tried every trick in the book to turn,weaken and modify Sandy. There efforts were a complete failure and Sandy went through them like a hot knife through butter. You could line up the countries that would do this and it is a long line. There are new storms brewing on both coasts at this time,they bare watching .
 Quoting: Black Diamond 6838274

The "world" doesn't live in the US. Yes, Obama will win if it were a global presidential election. The problem is that there shouldn't have been an election this year. The PTB should have told Romney supporters that it was all a charade. But for the sake of the normality of it occurring every 4 years, they did it.

Romney supporters who took the whole thing seriously now have to be given a reason why their candidate cant be president. However, with the economic situation in the US and people loosing faith in Obama or altogether unsure of who to vote for, they have to be given a reason to make the unity of the country far greater than the political differences they have. What they wont also tell you is that this united front is needed to advance the goal of the New World Order of global warming, World Domination, Homogeneity and War.

So they need an event to unite the US to a candidate and fair enough Obama has already won the global electorate but now had to win the US electorate through deception. Romney supporters will have to be given a reason which makes their political preference of candidate far less important than the threats which face the country and for those that object, well we already have DHS on ground.
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