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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
By Tuesday, there will be an executive order implemented as the US falls under a State of Emergency and the elections suspended.

Why/How would this happen? Well, there is a cold freeze coming in time for the elections or a false flag in the works. When this happens, you will believe weather modification is possible and wonder how they managed to order it in time for the elections. Electoral votes will take a back seat then and this guy's expertise at knowing electoral stuff will be moot. Romney is in on this too. He knows he cant be president.

The NWO is moving forward and their first agenda or main theme is GLOBAL WARMING. Get ready to be literarily frozen come Tuesday as the elections are frozen in time.

Thread: Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.

Obama will continue on as President. This election cannot have a winner. They just haven't told you that because of far wider reaching global implications to the NWO plans and the world.
 Quoting: Ohwell

I believe this storm was created and steered.

But how could there be a nationwide state of emergency, when basically just the coastal areas of NY and NJ are severely damaged? At worst, this new storm could whack them again and possibly coastal CT if there's a backup surge in Long Island Sound, but that happening in two or three confirmed blue states isn't enough to delay the nationwide Presidential election. And 47 states know it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3841141

There is so much to cover.......I gave reasons why elections cant be allowed to hold or even if held, results wont be announced at least 3 weeks ago, long before anyone even knew sandy was coming.

Thread: Obama will remain President. Likelihood of chaos whoever wins....This is why!

If you read other threads I made, they might help expand your ideas as to what could potentially be taking place and why?

A former Mayor when asked on CNN if Obama would win the election replied that yes and that he will be freer to continue policies that are close to his heart. FREE??? How could he be free under the conditions the US is under?

Michio Kaku said this is the storm you tell your grandkids about. And now we are being told that another storm is forming? For us to tell our kids about this storm it has to have a major impact on the US elections, don't you think?

A CNN reporter said you should get your kettles and electricity ready to watch the results of the US presidential race. KETTLES and ELECTRICITY? Aren't these the things you use for heating and keeping warm?

So you see there are many things that made me feel something is comin....not just one thing.

Now how they would stage their event, are numerous.

If I were to walk between science fiction and the real world I would say, They could make it snow and blow winds of up to 80km/h non stop enough to create record breaking temperatures that grinds traffic commerce, supply chains everywhere to a halt. they could cause floods and make it rain continually such that no one will be able to go out even on the election day. They could make it snow for days on end that nothing would be done. And you know what happens when it snows on end and the roads are all blocked?

Ohio is already having problems. they are saying votes wont be counted until 10 days after the election.

Bottom line is that Obama either knew the storm was coming well in advance or created it. I covered this in the OP of the thread you are in. Please read through and query me on the arguments there and what excuses could be given for the errors in the way this thing was handled or played out and Obama's responses now and in past natural disasters. I would be glad to answer your questions.
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