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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
Romney said that you should vote for Love of Country.

Obama said that you should vote for revenge.

If you study these guys, it seems that they are saying the same thing but under what context?

Why would Obama say anyone should vote for revenge when in fact he is the most advantaged person especially since he is still president? Why does he seek a revenge against Romney, who just last month they were at the same dinner party? Surely Obama's VOTE FOR REVENGE has no place within this election. It just doesn't make sense. Romney hasn't done anything to warrant revenge against. If anything, Romney should be the one making this statement.


What if Obama knew a False Flag is on its way that will make you lot emotional and then actually "VOTE FOR REVENGE". In this light, who would you be voting for? Of course it would be the sitting president, Obama, to take on whoever hurt America. Elections will become irrelevant in this context as Americans are rallied together for revenge against that party. Don't also forget that US-Israel are having the largest joint military exercise since last week to this week. Are they prepped for an event?

Lets also examine Romney's statement in this same context. If a False Flag were also staged, Americans would equally "VOTE FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY" That whoever brought this upon us must pay. Romney in one of his campaign appearances said that come November 7, "we will all come together". This also doesn't even remotely make sense. When you consider how tight the MSM have portrayed the elections to be, how would just barely a day after the elections, all these people supporting Romney or Obama who have now lost their chance, are now gonna forget their loss and unite? I can only imagine that there would be fighting the day after the election so Romney's comments about the nation coming together doesn't make sense whether he wins or Obama wins. Romney supporters are just all of a sudden not gonna support Obama and Obama supporter are just not gonna all of a sudden accept defeat and unite on either candidate.

But with a False Flag, all of their statements make perfect sense. They both say the same thing and puts Obama back in power.
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