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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
I think we are likely to see a false flag before the elections are over or even possiby a natural disaster maybe an earthquake. You will see Obama take the main stage after this. Shortly after this false flag, comes the snow.

CNN is reporting that elections will be decided by the day. Even with all the Sandy chaos and you not knowing whether its coming back again to cause disruption? I dont buy this. Something will tilt the scale and while they are making people focus on battle ground states who are even reporting that they wont be able to count the votes until 10 days after the election, you can bet they have something cooking on the other side.

They need this crisis and have timed this for now to kickstart the war with Iran and push the Global Warming Fraud agenda.

A false flag will supposedly break the gridlock in Congress and unite Americans together to fight a global war....Super congress will take charge. People's economic circumstances will take the back burner as everybody starts to manage with the little they have got.

I sincerely hope I am wrong but from the propaganda CNN is pushing, it appears that this is the plan.
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