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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
There are some things you cant/wont be told by the MSM. This is one of those things. How you deduce what is going on will be by eliminating reports and news that just don't make sense and asking very critical questions to arrive at some plausible explanations as to the true reasons behind some actions of leaders, news reports, why some events are happening, what possibly could be going on behind the scenes and what might be taking place or planned for the future. This assessment is not for those that take news at face value or like to be told what to think about events.

I made arguments earlier that this storm is generated or created and is being steered. And it is the perfect cover for the elites to go underground along with the mass evacuations ordered. All this might sound like science fiction but please hear me out.

Once you see where my argument is leading, especially with the fact that Obama started this Sandy hype (something unusual and perhaps unnecessary for him to do especially since he hasn't done so in previous storms), you will have no doubt in your mind that there is some sinister reason(s) behind this storm and indeed in him taking the lead in forewarning the public of it.

Remember he also made this announcement with some stern looking military personnel in the background. Isn't he supposed to be surrounded by FEMA personnel? These sorts of announcements usually come from Agencies, MSM and local media. What is different now and why is Obama taking the initiative this time?

Let me clarify something here first. Some will argue that Obama was perhaps informed to take this storm seriously and that this is why he put himself forward to make this announcement in order to save lives.

Assuming this is the case, are these people saying that these advisors never informed Obama of the impacts of previous storms that have equally claimed lives and destroyed property? And if he was told, did he put himself forward to warn people then? Are proponents of this line of thought saying that the president can now decide situations or circumstances under which some people can live or die? that he can preside over the number of people allowed to survive in a disaster? That he can keep this information to himself through inaction or ignorance?

Are they saying it is permissible to have a certain degree of loss of life in some situations and mitigate this in some others and that the president has the moral justification to decide these sorts of things? Is this the image the president projects to the world or what he stands for? Is this what he tells you on the media?.....that he wants to allow some Americans to live and some to die? If the president could have this kind of power or make decisions based on just how he feels about the lives of Americans or their survival, who benefits then? More importantly, is this acceptable to you?

Did the president just feel like announcing this storm but kept quiet in previous situations? Is this the sort of thought process that he has? To feel like announcing disasters that could potentially kill people in some situations and not feel like announcing it in other situations? Is this a sign of responsibility? What kind of person have you elected into office then if this is the way he responds to situations?

Why couldn't the president have handled Sandy, like he handled previous storms - keep quiet and not get involved until after the event has hit then he appears on TV to give his usual consolatory messages and media appearances? What's different this time around? Don't you see that he couldn't have done that with this storm especially since its close to election?

If he did as before in previous storms by not acting, do you realise this would have been devastating for his chances of reelection and the only reason he could have taken the initiative with Sandy is because it would boost his chances in the election? But this is not the only storm that has ever occurred in the US. There have been others that have occured that he could have taken advantage of but didn't. So you cant help but think that the only reason he took action this time around was because he expects this storm to help in his re-election? But thats not all......what are the chances of a storm, an unpredictable act of nature, coming to your aid?

So you see this storm was planned, and his response was equally planned to enable him continue on as president and you are going to witness more events in the very near future that will make him act more presidential.

In previous storms that have claimed lives, if the president did what he did with Sandy by announcing in advance and acting as the hero he is now portraying to the world, it could only have been beneficial to him by strengthened his ratings, score political points and make people like him some more. He would look good in the eyes of the public. He would be a hero. The resulting high regard of his personality held by them as someone who cares would simply have been a natural thing, more genuine, original and heartfelt which will build into the elections and secure him a second term without any problems whatsoever.

So the president had several opportunities in the past that came his way to save lives but didn't seize them but was banking on just this one future opportunity of the Sandy storm, to prove his gravitas in handling tough situations? Hmmm!

This opportunity, if people don't understand what I am getting at here, has one in a million chance of occuring. It is an opportunity that may never, ever happened unless of course he knew about the storm in advance (at least a year ago) or perhaps created this storm when he wanted it to fit in this time period and for an agenda. If I tell you that a storm is coming on the 15th of January 2013, would you believe? Would you prepare for it? What are the chances of this storm happening as I said? You you see, Obama couldn't just have had heaven favour him that this storm just happened before the election that now gave him the spring he requires?

I believe there is a saying that a bird in hand is worth more than ten in the bush. If the president was pragmatic in the past, he would simply have taken advantage of those opportunistic moments when disaster struck, that would have been as they occur, once in a life time opportunities that just happened to come his way to do something really good instead of hoping for one future opportunity that may never materialise (Sandy in this sense) unless again he created this perfect storm.

What are the odds that this storm came out of the blues? Impossible!

So you see, he knew too much and knew of things he wanted to do in advance and created this storm for this occasion. He couldn't have possibly seen the future and know the time frame, within days of the election, mother nature would create a storm that now has the potential of cancelling/postponing the election or give him that opportunity to look charismatic and presidential to score political points. How on earth is that even possible? So you see, there are sinister motives for him taking this stance with Sandy. I can tell you at this point that shit is about to Hit The Fan and very, very soon.
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