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Message Subject Sandy Staged to push Global Warming Fraud - Obama's unprecedented response is the clue.
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
Now, whatever is causing the earth and weather changes, I do think it is a sort of destiny of this planet to have these changes at this time. Astrologically, we are moving from Pisces to Aquarius (the Water Bearer). But this is science you are not allowed to learn or know so most are oblivious to how and why they are being manipulated.

I am inclined to believe the planet goes through cycles, and the cycle we are in at this time includes all these severe weather changes and no, I do not think it is man made.

The PTB do intend on capitalising on the very imminent global weather changes, which could be severe when it occurs, and defraud the remaining populace of humanity as to the true nature of what they just witnessed on a global scale. They need this lie to continue their control mechanism over the world masses. If people don't yet understand that they are and have been for millenia under a subtle/severe control grid, depending on your perspective, then they wont understand what I just stated here and the nature of globalists plans for the future. It takes a lot of thinking to arrive at this conclusion and see the obvious.

We will be hearing more and more of climate change talks in the weeks ahead because the power structure know there is something major coming. So consider their talks as a warning ahead of the great changes coming. In the aftermath, they will tell you man caused this great disaster and make laws to reduce and govern the remaining population. Anyone who opposes will be deemed a terrorrist. Does Georgia Guide Stones come to mind to anyone? It wasn't a joke.

This was why Sandy was staged. To bring the GW hoax closer home to a nation that has impacted the whole world in its history and still has the potential to and will impact the whole world in the next Century/Age. America was created for this purpose....To establish the New World Order.....people just don't get it yet.
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